Friday, April 07, 2006

Constant Comments!!!

I know Crystal and others have mentioned this already, the comments seem to have trickled down to just above nil lately. I know one reason is that Dane no longer comments, which is sad because he left some good ones. This prompted me to review old comments, plus I've been trying to straighten out my layout, so I like to check my archives from time to time.

So maybe this *is* a tad self-indulgent. Well, to hell with ya'll. I AM self-indulgent. Here are my mostest favorite comments EVAR!!!

i'm touched. what is this salty discharge from my eyes? am i crying? omg, i DO have a heart! so there world!

Adam in re: Stop Me Before I Hit the Pay-Per-View!


What'd I say?

C'mon, man, she digs us or something... she'll forgive a few irascible comments.

I think.


Right, honey-snookums-hot-momma-jim-jam?

Sorry, not entirely sure where that came from.

Ok, I'm done.

That's none other than BOBI in re:Wicked Trio.


That's so awesome Beth! Have I ever told you I think you're the best thing south of space? I do. I can see why he'd care about you like that. Poor guy though.

Ash thinks I'm the best thing south of space!!! ME!!! From Love, Again.


Oh Lord *eye rolling*
Get a room!

Crystal re: To Hell With Work

What fun is a tender lover? :( Bring on the freak!!

Crystal, Again in re:Where is that Drum I need to bang all day?



Neigh, my friend. That would be genius. I know you lower sorts sometimes get that confused, but trust me, I know what I'm talking about it.

Sleepy G

i love your old photos! your shoes totally rock and i am jealous that your first perm looks WAY better than my first perm.

i think my first perm was a mullet. a body-wave asian mullet.



Both in Re: Pictacles!!!.


You, my friend, have champagne boobs! I'm glad what I was trying to say came across...sometimes I wonder.

Also, a brief anecdote: I got a double order of fries with my veggie burger at lunch yesterday (weird period craving...I rarely want them), and I had a pang of shame/guilt when ordering them from the gorgeous blond wairess, knowing what was probably going through her mind. Then I remembered I don't care what she thinks and flashed her a "Yeah, I eat fucking fries, jealous much?" smile. Those fuckers were good, too.

Old Hobo, aka E-Ray in re:My New Idolatry.

brian + fireworks = bad idea. :: fond memories of a young bobi lighting his shirt on fire ::

Tolbs in re: 4 Bloggers Walk Into A Bar....

Have you all enjoyed my shameless self-promotion? I hope so. It's sunday morning, I started this on friday afternoon. I didn't so much spend all weekend on it though. Let's just say I'm getting pretty damn good at beadwork. Yesterday was so rainy and Nasty, there was just nothing I felt like doing other than cleaning out underneath my bed. I found my eyeglasses!!! Also, there was a domestic distrubance on the ajoining apartment of the duplex I live in. My neigbor Linda has a grown son, and she's separated from her husband Phil. Sometimes she lets Phil sleep on her couch. For some reason yesterday her son tried to kill her husband, I saw Phil outside in the front yard, holding a bloody rag to his arm. The son was also outside, jumping around and yelling at the father. The cops came, two of them, parked right in my front yard. Then the ambulance. Then the whole neighborhood came outside to see what was going on now.

Sometimes, I really do hate where I live.

Today I'm supposed to have a date with Ashley, and am going to look for some Blue & Silver beads for stuff I'm working on for B.'s sister and cousin. He tried to get me to talk to them last night, but I wasn't feeling so hot, and didn't want anyone to think I always sound like a treefrog. We did talk some via B. and established that sister (Molly, was it?) likes Brunch. I adore brunch! So there, common ground.

Also, in the spirit of shameless self promotion...please visit the DIVAS blog to read all about my Top 5 favorite albums by female artists!



Sleep Goblin said...

Whoa, I'm made one of your favorite comments! Yay!!

I'm so glad you started dating BOBI so I could know you :)

kimberlina said...

i totally skipped work today. it rocked. a nice ending to a girlfriend sweatshop weekend edition. and i am now exhausted. i will comment more! my job now actually requires that i "work," so i can't surf the net as much. :(

Crystal said...

don't feel bad kimberlina. I plan on preparing my taxes at work tomorrow.

that was awesome beth. i go 2 on the fave comment list!! Eat that Blogger people!!


Michaela said...

Oh sad day...I didn't make the cut! I can't say I'm all that suprised..I've been slacking big time with commenting on my bloggy blogger friends.

I strive to be a better comment maker! Is that even proper english? Oh well!


kimberlina said...

oh. sweet. JEESUS. CHRIST.


*sigh* guess i'd better get cracking, too.