Friday, April 14, 2006

Self-Affirmation Friday!!!

So that's what Jesus was thinking when he & the Easter Bunny named it Good friday. They must have been chewing on some Fast Plants, playing cards with Santa and the Aposotles, and said "Hey, man. Is it Friday?" "yeah" "That's Good."

Of course I could be totally wrong and Easter is about Jesus being not dead anymore. Or something. OOPS! Lightning Bolt!

Anyway, despite having a terrible dream that my grandmother died (the one that died when I was a kid, oddly enough), I woke up in a fairly decent mood. And why not? In two hours time I will begin the Trek to Tennessee were I will be treated to Mountain air, Doting Aunts, and Free Radio Station Swag from my brother! That is after coffee. Coffee must be hawt. Must be strawng.

I'm still somewhat asleep.

Last night I hooked up Macsamillian the iMac and JOY! to see things in full color! I also got my photo printer working and printed pictures like a madwoman! When I'd had enough joyful printing (and had ran out of photo paper) I packed while watching An Affair to Remember, easily one of my favorite movies of all time. Except any part with children singing. Those parts I always fast forward. My friend Carrie called me halfway through the movie to ask me if I would help her write her self-affirmation. It's some kind of assignment. Aside from Stuart Smalley, I really fell short. The only things I could think of were really sarcastic, like "I'm too Punk for Self-Affirmation" or "At least I never got anything stuck in my Ass." (How's that one, Carrie?)

I then spent a fair amount of time on the phone with B, who is the most Sweetest, most funniest, most bestest man EVAR. To Me. I get to see him in Six days and I can't wait! Looking back it's so strange to see the time BEFORE we even started talking, our sweet beginnings, which turned into full-on CrazyPerson love! And now, our lives are about to be A LOT different, in a good way, because we decided to blog.

Thanks, Google!

Alright, I've got to get my self ready! Happy weekend everybody, and to those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter! Don't O.D. on Cadbury!


kimberlina said...

hahaha, i celebrate easter ONLY for the cadbury! delish! i've inhaled half a bag of those mini eggs this morning. feeling slightly sickly, but soo worth it.

enjoy your coffee and your trips!

Sleep Goblin said...

I celebrate dyed eggs and baskets of candy. And also that my work closes. Hooray!

Ms. Adventures said...

You totally crack me up. I gourged on Cadbury- too late.

Crystal said...

Kimberlina - I too have a love for the mini-eggs. Last year I ate so many of them that my tongue hurt.

Crystal said...

Beth. You MUST go here:

kimberlina said...

crystal - i am still eating more eggs. need more... MOORREEE!!

also, where are you? are you packing for your trip to see your manz? was that last friday you were going? man, i am out of it.