Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wicked Trio

I amended my blog links for my 3 favorite geek boys, Dane, BOBI, and Adam. I decided it was kind of mean to put them in numerical order, so now they are all my fake boyfriends in equal measure. What a hussy I am.

So I got this new job. It's very dusty. And I don't get paid sick days. You find that a lot when you work in some kind of service industry. It's to discourage technicians from being out sick. But I get sick, like, a lot. At least twice a winter and once in the spring.

And I'm still considering moving to Greenville. I'm getting to the point I never thought I would get to. I'm getting sick of Columbia. I grew up in such a tiny craphole town, that being here seemed so vogue. Now I just kind of feel "meh" about it. Plus, I want to NOT live near any Ex's. To quote Sex & The City: "I'd always imagined running into my ex and his new wife. Except in my scenario, It was with a truck."


SlimAdam said...

thanks. it would always hurt to know that i was only second best in your eyes! :sobbing: what went wrong?!

way to go on the new job. hope it doesn't make ya miserable but if it does you've got a few peeps to hear you out.

Bee said...

Aw. I love ya Adam. Like Leia and Han, or #2 and Deanna Troi. Did I spell that right?


SlimAdam said...

yeah, you spelled it perfectly. although it's my nerdly duty to inform you that riker is #1, not 2...but i do like the first couple. nobody cooler than han and leia in empire- ROWR

SlimAdam said...

so i have some time on my hands and i was looking through some blog archives, including yours, and don't get weirded out but i may love you. stay tuned for more details....if not love then dang do i wanna hang out.

B.O.B.I. said...

Bethies... hope you don't get upset, but I gave Slimmy your MSN info. I thinks you two should talks.

All plural-like.

Bom chicka bow bow.

B.O.B.I. said...

Oh yeah, sorry to hear about the work environs. I, too, work in a very dusty, hot place which I liken to Hell.

I get really chapped and thirsty back there. It's not fun.

Save the whales.

SlimAdam said...

bobi, dammit...bee i'm so sorry.

B.O.B.I. said...

What'd I say?

C'mon, man, she digs us or something... she'll forgive a few irascible comments.

I think.


Right, honey-snookums-hot-momma-jim-jam?

Sorry, not entirely sure where that came from.

Ok, I'm done.

Bee said...

You guys are both so adorable.