Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just browsing some of the stuff that's up on Today's Minneapolis Craigslist today, the only rule? Nothing over $100.

Check out these beauts...

Paint it Hot Pink!

I love this chair, it makes me think of my Aunt Betty. This would be lovely painted a glossy black or a bright white. $20!

I sort of love this bed frame as-is, though there are a ton of possibilities. And for $65, well worth it!

Now that is just cute.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's only temporary, one hopes.

This will temporarily be the look of this page that all 2 of you follow until Crystal has time to make me a new one, I wouldn't trust anyone else to get it just right.

In other news, I managed to score an iBook G4 for $145! It's not fancy, but just what I wanted. I knew all those nights spent exhausted and red-eyed going though Craigslist ads would pay off eventually!

So Wee!

Entryway Revamped

Here is the cute little retro bookshelf Brian & I got at the same rummage shop where we came by the dresser. I decided to use it in my entryway rather than the great pile o' shoes I originally had. It was $10 and the cameras/transistor radio I picked up at various garage sales. How do we feel about arranging our books by color? There is something so counter intuitive, like using a smart thing in a shallow way, or judging a book by it's cover, I suppose. Despite that (or maybe because of it) I love it. What does everyone else think?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Pretty Grown-Up'dness...

Since being laid off last month I've tried to keep myself busy...helping the girls find cool decor for the new apt, re-reading The Twilight Saga, all 7 Harry Potter books and re-watching all 5 movies (just saw 6, loved it!) and occasionally looking for a job. One thing I've been wanting to do for a long (loooong) time was to repaint and redecorate my bedroom, which until last week were a shade of mottled aqua that was not soothing, did not remind one of tropical skies, but rather the walls in your elementary school. And the paint job was rather bad, aqua in a stripe on the ceiling. I have worked tirelessly for the past few weeks, and am pretty happy with the result, even BOBI is pleased. Click for yourself...


The walls I painted a vanilla ice cream beige, the camera makes it look a little more yellow than it really is. The bed is the Dalselv frame from Ikea. I bought 2 1/2 yards of 1" foam and a roll of quilters batting and stapled it to the head board. I then made the slipcover from Gunilla fabric, also Ikea. It looks a little boxy in this picture because I haven't actually sewed it yet, the fabric is just draped & pinned. I got tired!


The print I got from Etsy, from Hidenseek. Cannot recommend enough! Here is a closeup...
This one is called "Seduction".


I will never stop loving our Bedazzled Alarm Clock, courtesy of Smalls & Selg. The fan I got this weekend at a garage sale. $5.00. And it works. And I just ordered one on ebay the day before. For $12. Curses!


More Etsy art on Window-facing wall. This one 'We Grew Together' from The Paper Apartment. The small one is a postcard, called 'Lengthening'. I love them both!


Closer up. I re-purposed the pink mat, to rather nice effect I think.


Brian's new chest of drawers, circa 1930's. Just bought it yesterday, and it's absolutely beautiful. Hardly a scratch on it. And Bonus! There was a newspaper lining one of the drawers. September 4, 1941. Lots of talk about Vichy.


Top of Dresser. I love the little red bicycle. I like the mason jar, which you cannot tell is full o' pennies, and I like the french flashcard, but I think this is definitely a work in progress. Clutter happens! The picture is my Grandmother, Ola.

The Cube Shelf from CB2.


Cute, and you can change out your decor a lot with them, but what a bitch to level. They are still not completely even, but it's passable. Little red votives from our large Swedish friend. One day perhaps I'll get my big white armoire back from Tara and can stash my TV in it...but until then the TV stays unstylishly put.


I love trays. Love love love them. This one started it's life at Target, as a plate.
The bedside table is perfect. Perfect size, perfect colors, and free! Thanks to my good Friend Thorsten, who just moved back to Germany and is already missed.


I found this genuine Marimekko fabric at a garage sale a few months ago, pattern is "Unikko" Maija Isola. I haven't been able to find another Marimekko with the same color scheme online. It's dark blue flowers with orange centers and yellow stems. Has anyone else seen this? And do they think it will fetch a good price on ebay/Etsy? I am, after all, unemployed.

Any thoughts on the room? As I said, still a work in progress, but it's coming along nicely. Feedback is always appreciated!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Vampires, Steampunk.

Would it be bad to say I'm enjoying being laid off, just a little bit?

I'm sure that wouldn't be the case if not for the fact that BOBI's sisters are moving into the upstairs apartment, I've been helping Sarah pick out some stuff second hand to Steampunk her new bedroom. Also tossing around the theme of "I got locked in an old British library" meets "Alice in Wonderland". Are there any simple craft ideas or cheap options out there for this? Comment your ideas.

Just got The Hunger Season 1 to watch, cause Vampires are so hot right now....Still, Daniel Craig? I'll take it. Speaking of vampires, why has no one cast Billy Corgan as one yet? I realize this gives Billy Corgan as many mentions on this blog as myself, BOBI and the cats combined, but really...



And if we are going that far, why not go whole hog and also cast Trent Reznor a`la 'The Perfect Drug'?



That's all for now, Ta!