Friday, April 07, 2006

Personally, I blame Katie Couric. For everything.

I can't stop eating the Jimmy Dean sausage mini-biscuts Skylar left at my house! They're so salty! So Fluffy! DAMMIT, Hormonal Cravings!!!

If you have not already, please visit my Target wish list, I have kindly added the link . I really want the Hello Kitty Sewing machine. Even though I just got a sewing machine. I want THAT one. In case anyone feels like getting me a going-away present. Or a housewarming present. Or a present.

I emailed my Old Friend, J., to let him know I was leaving in May. I haven't seen or spoken to him since January, but this is not too out of the ordinary for us. Let's see if he tells me to go to hell. I certainly hope not, but It wouldn't be unexpected. Also, he's going to laugh his ass off when he finds out I'm moving to Minnesota. I fully expect to hear something snarky, possibly even mean about myself and parkas. *sigh*

The current task at hand is weeding out all the stuff I want to get rid of. I find that this activity frequently takes me longer than a weekend, In fact it takes WEEKS. Mostly because you can't just SORT books, pictures, cds, etc. without the inevitable trip down memory lane. Then you have to drag your friends along with.
Example: Going through shoes, find Gold heels. Call friend. Say "remember that time at blue martini where you went to sit down and your pants ripped?" and so on and so on. I wish I could be more impersonal with my stuff. It is, after all, just stuff. But most of the things I have I've had to work for. They have memories attached to them, they mean something to me. Which is why it's difficult to see them go.

Of course, when I start down that path all I have to think is "One Bedroom Apartment" and it's magically better.

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Crystal said...

so what's katie have to do with this post? i like katie.

i love rainbow brite though.

Bee said...

I like her too. You know this. But since she announced she was leaving the Today show, everything seems to be falling apart!

Oh Katie! How could you?!?

Sorry, leftover dramatics from earlier in the week.

I'm better now.


B.O.B.I. said...

What. In the name of GOD. Is that thing!?

Oh yeah, thoughts of apartments are very nice! VERY NICE!

Love j00!

Bee said...


How do you say "You are making me go BALD" in Japanese???

I love you too, 'yo old goofy self'.

Crystal said...

brian, you are NO longer allowed to make us feel old!! >:<