Saturday, April 22, 2006

Greetings from MN!

Yesterday when I left Columbia it was already climbing rapidly twords 80 degrees. I would guesstimate it's in the lower 50's here. And it feels awesome. So far, other than the Hardest Seats Ever in the Beer Can of A Plane, it's been a great visit. I got to meet Tolbs! He is now my Jeopardy/Tetris coach.

Today at lunch I get to meet the family. Here's hoping all my food makes it to my mouth.

OH! And, as promised...Some of my painstakingly hand-made jewlery.

Green Beads
More Green Beads
Silver Triple-strand bracelet with amber beads


kimberlina said...

ah, beautiful beads! ::gobblegobblegobble:: i could just eat them up!

isn't it painful down south when the heat sets in? it's been in the 80s here too... ::sweats profusely::

Sleep Goblin said...

Hey! I know of a great place wher eyou could sell your wares!

Michaela said...

Have fun!

love the jewelry. I've dabbed around in making jewelry...I should send you one of the rings I made! Or at least a picture!

Crystal said...

I've already put in my request ladies. :)

Well, you're probably already back in SC by now. Hope you had a good time!