Saturday, April 29, 2006


When I say "duck", I am not referring to the cute little waterfowl that waddles around going "wah-waaaah", I am referring to the act of taking cover or shielding yourself from potential airborn harm.

Like an egg.

Last night I was standing on my front porch with my friend Marc when I noticed an older vehicle driving ever so sloooooooowly past my house. A white, oval-shaped missle sailed over in my direction and hit the ground just a few feet away. The car sped up and Marc said "You just got EGGED!!! That was AWESOME"! Me, being sober, did NOT think it was entirely awesome. I opened my front door and said to Kate and Tara, "I don't think you'll believe what just happened to me. Seriously. Wildest Guess?"

Whoever threw the damn thing was aiming for ME, not the house, not Marc. Someone wanted to break an egg. On ME. Who would throw an egg at me?

Who indeed?


B.O.B.I. said...

I miss Shelldon, Orson and the gang...
Used to watch that cartoon every day after school, with DarkWing Duck and Gargoyles.

It was tits.

And don't worry about the egging. It sounded like it was done by a retard anyway.

But just in case... ::HUGGLES!!!::

kimberlina said...

wow, you almost got egged! i imagine you're lucky not to have been hit - eggs seem as though they could be very painful.

didn't recognize anyone? no license plate number?


Anonymous said...

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