Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Norse Grog for Your Ambulance Driver

It's 7:30 a.m. eastern-standard time. I was just sitting here, enjoying a cup o' thick & muddy (Norse Grog, compliments of B.'s mom, Delicious!) when someone starts pounding on my door.

I tiptoe to the front door and peek out the window. Where I see an ambulance. What the...? So I open the door a hair and look out. It's my friend Marc! Unexpected visits from friends are always nice...just more so when I've brushed my teeth and put on a bra and also more clothes. He laughed and said they had to drop off a patient at the nearby hospital and he thought they'd pull into my drive way with the sirens/lights going, except he didn't want to wake the crackheads. So I gave him some coffee and sent him on his merry. Boys. I suspect this was a fact-finding mission to see what my friend Kate told him about their outing to New Brookland Tavern this weekend.

I hate it when my friends make a Horses Ass out of themselves. And I'm not around to see it.

Has anyone seen the trailer for The Promise? It looks to be quite good.


Ms. Adventures said...

ha ha. Mark sounds hot.

Next time I make an ass of myself I'll be sure to video tape it for you, being it happens all the time.

Bee said...


B.O.B.I. said...

Ya know, I happen to like it when you're bra-less and other clothes-less.

It's hot.

And my mom is glad to know you like the coffee! They all loved you! Woohoo!

Bee said...

Hey now! I DID have clothes on! Aint no way any manz but my manz sees me nekkid.

Except maybe the new neighbor, the day I forgot the curtains were open.


Ms. Adventures said...

that jumpy thing he's doing looks kinda hot, can't see his face too well though.

kimberlina said...

my friend keoni drives an ambulance. :) he's always telling me stories of them playing video games and hanging out at people's houses or getting into places for free (like the medieval faire) while on the job.

lucky bastard.