Monday, March 13, 2006

4 Bloggers Walk Into A Bar...

Last night was our big dinner at Ashley's, we had so much fun! Although it proves if anything that I am not cut out to be near anyone under the age of 20, as I kept yelling "What the FUCK?!?" and "my big ASS" in front of her boys. The moment I was threatened with a 'time out' I shut the fuck up all together.

Tara came along too, and I just had this perfect moment where the 4 people I love most in the world were in one room, and it made me so happy and so sad at the same time. *tear* I don't know if Tara, Crystal & Ashley even realize how much I am going to miss them!

Right now my manz is snoozing while I put off getting ready for a job interview. I can't even say how much I love him being in the next room, or nearby at all. It's what makes a difficult decision easier. Yesterday we nauseated diners at the Original Pancake House with our hand holding and googly-eyes, but our waitress thought it was cute so she kept bringing us free food. Free pancakes for the win!

A few side notes about the Minnesota kid's vacay:

- Must remember sunblock. My manz is pale.
- He likes my cats!
- I have lost (just about) every game we've played. Even the one game I was sure I would beat him at. Dammit!
- Cleaning my house for 2 days was completely pointless.
- I made him try grits, he liked them!
- Apparantely 78 degrees is "hot".

We've been taking losta pictures, but since my computer is so old & slow I think we'll just wait until we get to my parent's house today to post them.

My parent's are so excited they've prepared a fireworks display in his honor.

No, I'm not kidding.


Sleep Goblin said...

First of all, I grew up in the nastiness that is Kentucky humidity, and I have to agree, 78 is hot. I much prefer 65-70.

Secondly, *sigh*. I love you guys.

kimberlina said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! a fireworks display? that is classic. how totally awesome. my dad celebrates anthony by not talking to him, is that a good sign? ;\

sunscreen for the pale of skin is a definite must. peeling, flakey, sensitive, burning, blistering skin does not make for fun NC-17 time. it makes for G aloe gel time.

one time, i burned the bottom of my toes.

tolbs said...

brian + fireworks = bad idea. :: fond memories of a young bobi lighting his shirt on fire ::

Crystal said...

LOL...Kimberlina, you burned the bottom of your toes?? How in the HECK did that happen?

I had a lot of fun too Bethies.

Ms. Adventures said...

I was so glad you guys came over. Sorry for the *shushing* and uptightness on my part. It was kinda stressful :(. I hope it didn't ruin your time.

I love you guys though and Brian is the coolest ever. I can't wait to see those pictures!!