Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Seriously. Shut up, dogs.

My poor feet! I wore heels all. day. When I took them off (FINALLY!!!) I was somewhat reminded of cartoon feet, all red and pulsing, with little shock lines coming off of them. One thing to add to my grocery list is Dr. Scholl's insoles for women. I bought a suit today, Yes! A suit! Mostly because for my work you have to have at least one very suity suit, and I've got two big client meetings on monday. And also because it was MAJORLY on sale at the Crate, which is a place I normally avoid like the plague. For some reason today I went in there and left with a very nice (too lazy to go check the label) suit for $31.00!!! It's also nice that this is the first time in...oh, three years that I've been able to shop at the Crate, due to the de-fattening of my ass. (Total weight lost since January: 19 lbs.)

Oh, and if you guys have been wondering where the pictures are from this past weekend's trek to MN, have I. Bobi was suppossed to send them to me last night. I even made a special post-bedtime phone call to remind him. He's so adorably forgetful.

I have to be out of my apartment in 4 weeks. I haven't packed a damn thing. I've not prepared for my moving sale this weekend. I haven't been on the ball with my job. I've got so much to do.

I think I'll go get some chinese dumplings and watch Lost with Skylar.


B.O.B.I. said...

Yay Lost!

As for the pictars...








Bee said...

Aw, thanks baby! You're the Bestest!!!

Sleep Goblin said...

Those pictures are so cool!! Where did you guys go?

And you're so pretty in picture 2. Hooray!!

Ms. Adventures said...

yes good pics indeed!

Poor feeties.

Where's the Crate? I've never even heard of that! That's a hellified bargain!