Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Pre-Trip Freak out.

Next weekend we start the journey down to SC, in our wee car. I am not kidding myself, I know I'll be doing a good portion of the driving, since Bri can't be in a moving vehicle and awake at the same time. Which is cool, because I can then listen to Tori Amos without his overdramatic reaction of "TURN IT OFF! I'M DYING!!!" Maybe it's a boy thing? Or maybe it's just that Bri likes mostly Crap, rather than music. If I had to listen to any of his generic not-punk crap rock for two days, I'd have to give up and start shooting. Lucky for me, once he's out nothing short of throwing him out of the car at a high speed will wake him. I know, I've tried.

Just us playing with the laptop...

p.s. Crystal - I want to see you while I'm in town! When can you come down from Greenville? We're leaving on friday the 24th.