Monday, December 18, 2006

Let's Get Personal...

This morning I woke up and felt like (finally) following through with my original idea of an Open letter to Joss Whedon. I wanted to make a whole site of it, but being myself was too lazy and distracted. Crystal was the one who finally grabbed the idea and ran with it, and she's done an excellent job of getting the Dear Joss livejournal community up and running, and her own letter was especially touching, to me anyway...I'm Mentioned!!! So after a year plus I finally added my own letter to the here to read it. And while you're there, take some time to browse the archives. There are some incredibly sweet letters in's well worth the read, even if you aren't a fan. (In which case, why are you reading this blog?)

Back in the real world, Bobi and I completed our Christmas shopping this weekend. It was so nice to get out of the house for once on the weekend. We went to Mall of America...and you know what that means...Tiger Sushi! We had our usual 'Battle Ship Six' Combo...scallops, spicy yellowfin, salmon, tuna...all beautifully seasoned. After eating our fill, we headed down to the Urban Outfitters store, because they ususally have the most unique gifts. If you still have last minuite shopping to do, it's definitely the place to go.

Since posts have been so few and far between, I'll go ahead and wish everyone a happy holiday, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Boxing Day!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

America's Next Top Spud.

As in in the type that grows on in me. After the whir and blur of the thanksgiving holiday, I've been trying to catch up on my lethargy. As evidenced by my non-posting. Speaking of the holiday, allow me to recap.

Driving, driving, driving, Speeding ticket, driving driving driving, family friends turkey, pie, card games, driving driving driving speeding ticket, driving driving driving.

Let me just say that Both speeding tickets were Bri's, I did the bulk of the driving and didn't get pulled once. I've said before that Rural Illinois is my personal vision of hell, that view is still firmly in effect.

I've spent the time since we got home getting caught up on House MD, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and because I am a glutton for punishment, America's Next Top Model, but that mostly because I'm always trying to figure out if Tyra Banks is in fact a draq queen. The evidence is leaning more & more twords a "Yeah, girl!"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Pre-Trip Freak out.

Next weekend we start the journey down to SC, in our wee car. I am not kidding myself, I know I'll be doing a good portion of the driving, since Bri can't be in a moving vehicle and awake at the same time. Which is cool, because I can then listen to Tori Amos without his overdramatic reaction of "TURN IT OFF! I'M DYING!!!" Maybe it's a boy thing? Or maybe it's just that Bri likes mostly Crap, rather than music. If I had to listen to any of his generic not-punk crap rock for two days, I'd have to give up and start shooting. Lucky for me, once he's out nothing short of throwing him out of the car at a high speed will wake him. I know, I've tried.

Just us playing with the laptop...

p.s. Crystal - I want to see you while I'm in town! When can you come down from Greenville? We're leaving on friday the 24th.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What a hectic weekend. Sunday I told Brian to take the car so I could check the oil in the van and then maybe do a little shopping. He did take the car, but he also took the van key with him. Luckily for me, Adam is sweet and fluffy as a puppy and dropped the key off for me. UNluckily for me, the van stalled out on a very busy street leaving the mall. I had no cell phone, no one to call, and no one to help me get the fucker back into the parking lot. Right when I was beginning to break down in tears a very nice, slightly creepy older guy helped me get the van into the parking lot and offered me a ride, to which I replied "No thanks, I'll call a cab". I then saw he had his 11-ish year old son with him in the car and went anyway, figuring it served me right if I got hatchet murdered. I didn't think the guy would do any grisly crimes with his kid in the car (since watching Dexter I may change my mind) but I had my keys in the weapon position, just in case. The guy turned out to be a true good samaritan, so thankfully I'm still alive. Of course that isn't making the van any less FUBAR. Also went to see The Prestige with Adam on Sunday, if you haven't seen this movie...SEE IT!!! And then say "what the EFF?". Christian Bale is Not un-yummy in this movie, and who can resist a cameo of David Bowie as Nikola Tesla? I was so fascinated with the Tesla-Edison rivalry side story that I've decided to read up on Tesla, as soon as I'm finished with The Historian.

I also found out that my aunt, one of my favorite people in the whole world, has agressive breast cancer. They are going to start her on Chemotherapy immediately and once they have the tumor shrunk down they'll do a mastectomy. My dad is with her now, but I wish I could be too.

Here are a few of the things I love about Minnesota:

A view from just outside my apartment.

Another one. This was taken right at sunset, and the picutre does not do justice to the fall colors.

The Twins. My whole life I always secretly wanted younger sisters.

These guys were just hanging out on my patio. I started giving them snacks and they would peck at each other or chase each other around for them. It was totally cute.

And speaking of totally cute...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Snow in October

Just another one of those things that makes this place so alien to me sometimes, freaking snow for the past 3 days now. Even the snow is different here than it is in the south, the flakes are bigger, fatter, and...I dunno, Dryer somehow. Snow in the south is always wet. Or at least the air is. The colder air here is completely opposite of what I'm used to, which is a damp cold that seems to seep into your bones and make them ache. This is more a biting, sharp cold. Of course I've heard all the caveat's of my coworkers, "This is Nothing!" and "You haven't seen anything yet!", and I suppose that's true. The lower 30's may not be the coldest to them, but it is pretty much winter temperatures to me. So, Brrr. And also, Yay! I'm totally enjoying it so far, except for the very unpleasant rawness I've gotten inside my nose from the super dry air. It's very distracting.

And speaking of distractions, I'm a TV zombie. I'm juggling Three shows that I not only enjoy but obsess over. Currently I'm being wooed by Lost on Wednesday night, followed immediately by Project Runway, and my Friday nights are all Battlestar Gallactica. You might notice the absence of Smallville. Well, sorry folks. With James Marsters gone, and no possiblility of any more Dr. SoFine, the only reason to watch is the still-fun Clark-Lex homoerotic tension. And even that does not outweigh having to put up with Erica Durance. Just DIE already Lois. I think at this point I prefer Margot Kidder's Lois. (Never Teri Hatcher)

Archive Moment!

One year ago today I was raving about Graffiti!

Friday, October 06, 2006


The Dirty Pants are back, FYI.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My friend Kate just came to visit this past weekend for her birthday. We had three days of shopping, eating, occasionally drinking and then shopping some more. Here are some photos, along with some old ones that have been on the camera for a while.

Kate and I doing our Best Patti Hearst's at GameWorks.

Brian kills Zombies Dead. er.

I was the only one who wanted this Map Picture

Nicole Ritchie! Come back!

Sucking down The Perfect Margarita in my new shirt from Delia*s

She does look a little bit like a cartoon!

Brain Freeze!

When in, Wisconsin...

I have no idea why I look so confused.

The Target Ninja will kick your ass!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh Give Me A Break!

I'm sure by now you've all heard about what happened in Montreal. I have to say...

...what a loser!

The following is my open letter to the late shooter:!? I cannot roll my eyes hard enough. You were a walking cliche`, what with the black trech coat, pictures of you holding a knife (note the Ozzy t-shirt) and giving us little bon mots like "Life sucks, school sucks, work sucks". REALLY!?! I'd never considered the possibilities before. Maybe if you had gotten off of your ASS and stopped playing "Super Columbine Massacare" for five minuites you might have noticed things that don't suck. Things like...Sex, for instance. You should have tried it, it's one hell of a way to let off steam. Dude, you may be dead, but you are still LAME.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Throwing Stuff

You will notice that I have removed the aforementioned love of my life from my blog links, as Tolbs said...I threw him into the woodchipper. Of EDUCATION!

Anyway, he's been "replaced" by M. Giant's Velcrometer. I got hooked on this Blog when I lived in SC. He's smart, hilarious, eloquent (mostly) and a lover of cats, what's not to love? AND he writes Recaps for Television Without Pity!?! AND lives in the Twin Cities as I now do?!? He's great, go read.

And when you're done with that, I sugguest FourFour. Who knew entertainment could be so...entertaining?

I deeply regret that I watched part of ABC's Miniseries '911'. All that spin is making me dizzy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Back to Basics (for now)

I don't know what I was thinking with that last template. Dreamweaver for beginners, much? Anyway, It's been like a month since I posted anything, because my life has gotten it's little groove. Wake up, go to work, come home, Law & Order/Project Runway, bed. I really blame it on the 'dog days' of summer. By the time the end of summer rolls around, I'm usually something akin to a zombie. I want to go somewhere (don't know where) want to do something (but I don't know what) so I usually just end up taking a nap. Last thrusday it was 80 degrees. Friday it was 63. It's been between 50 and 60 degrees all weekend, and I Feel fabulous (except physically, sudden drops in temperature like that don't affect me well). The first days of really cool fall air always lift my spirits, make me feel so happy, calm and completely energetic at the same time.

Other good news is that my good friend Kate is flying up to visit me at the end of the month, which is very exciting. I've taken lots of photos since my last post, but don't have time to post them now, as I have to get ready for work. Ta!

p.s. I promise that BOBI is alive and well. He's just very busy with his hopefully last year of school (undergrad), trying to figure out a car-sharing schedule, working, and messing up all this neat. He's still very funny, smart (in his own clueless way) and is even more adorable than when you last saw him. He'll be back, I promise.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Send Ash your love...and also Jewlery, Fruit Baskets, Cash, etc.


Remember that time the old man came into my office and felt me up? Who was the first person I called? Remember when Chris fired me? Who was the first one I told? For some reason, I've always gone straight to you with all that stuff. Now my working conditions are better, but I forget that you guys are still in the no-labor-laws trenches. Let me just say that you are better than that dank, evil little gossip mill. And look at the benefits...

- No more Apple-Queen Bathroom Scenarios
- No more Whitney Houston
- No more Lady wearing a paper clip in her hair
- No more stinky, wierd and downright creepy Old Men.
- No more Ice Queen Office managers
- No more Bad Mascara Ladies! (wish I could say the same)
- No more Maternity Wear Tragedies!
- No more moldy paneling
- No more parking lot full of nails and broken glass

I hope that helps. I am just so mad I could spit! However, my cat is trying to eat a spider so that one may have to wait.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Random Observation

I've noticed this at just about every supermarket I've ever been in. While perusing the juice aisle for some Cran-Grape or maybe a nice Pink Grapefruit juice, my eyes wander up to the top shelf where I see....Clam Juice.


I understand that this is an ingredient necessary for Clam Chowder. But could we Please just keep it in the soup aisle? Or on top of the seafood cabinet? When it's in with the rest of the juice, it's impossible for me to stop thinking about pouring myself a big glass of...Clam Juice.

With Ice.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Your Family Stone is a Turd

WHO told me that I would like the movie The Family Stone(starring Sara Jessica Parker and the ever-yummy Luke Wilson)?!? Remind me to step on that person's toe really, really hard.

I hated, Hated, HATED this movie. Maybe I'm overly sensitive, maybe I Identified with it a bit too much, maybe I just really don't like Diane Keaton and this film made me outright hate her. In any case, I know what it's like to be an outsider in a significant other's family, to be completely misunderstood, shut out, shuffled aside. Thank bejeebus BOBI's family is nothing like that, that they are as kind and giving as he is.

In other news, I've been having dreams so bad I don't want to go to sleep. As if my insomnia needed a helping hand.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Comic Life is my new toy....

Crystal, you can't do this on an Acer!

I've finally got my routine down, Wake up, Coffee, Shower, Work, Home, Dinner, TV/Book, Bed. I get a kick out of breaking routine too. This weekend I finally made my way in to Minneapolis to the Skywalk, or Skymall, or Nicollet Mall, whatever you want to call it. All these buildings in Downtown (or is it uptown? Shit!) Minneapolis are connected my second-level walkways, so you can walk all over the area and not have to sweat because it's 102 degrees outside. I finally got to go to the Bead Monkey, I've been making jewlery like crazy to get ready for my Etsy store. I had a fabulous hamburger (and 2 Blue Moon Pale Ales) at Ike's, and got book 4 in the Sandman series. A decidedly relaxing, not-too-productive weekend.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Vacation's All I Ever Wanted.....

Here are a few pictacles from our vacation. They're mostly just lovingly shot photos of BOBI, he'll have a damned portfolio soon. Any here to see em all. I'm off to work!!!

What? I like toast.

I'm looking for ships!

Someone was tired of having is picture taken.


This is what happens to Lakes when Mayhem balls explode in them.


Lake in the Early Morning

A way over-exposed picture of Molly.

Brian's Mom and the Famous Uncle Tom. And his Famous Sunglasses.

Sara post-Mayhem. Recognize the neclace? It's my green 'floater' necklace I made!

BOBI in mid-laugh at one of Uncle Tom's letters. Has there ever been a better picture, ever?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We just got back from a 4-day mini Vacay in Wisconsin, it was the Best! I got a sunburn, and went swimming in an awesomely clean lake, got to spend lotsa time with my Manz and his fam (including the Famous Uncle Tom), and last but not least, ate ate ate. They looooooove Bratwurst up here. I don't get it either. We took a TON of pictures and Bobi has some hilarious Vid to share soon enough.

And the good keeps coming! Today at work I was informed that I would be getting a raise effective monday! It's pretty much an ego boost considering I've been there for only 30 days. Woo-whoo!

On the downside, It's finally time to have something done about this tooth. Bad Tooth!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why I Love BOBI

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Because you can't help but love a man in a hat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lovely St. Paul, where we went for the Taste of Minnesota festival. Minnesota tastes like Gyros, Cookies, Lemonade, Shrimp and Footlongs.

The Happiest Place on Earth! This photo has been resized to protect my bosoms.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also, He's adorable. And so am I.

Happy Fourth of July! I eagarly await the genuine freaking-out my cats always have caused by the sound of fireworks!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Per Kimberlina's Request...

Here are some pictures...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You guys know those MOSHI pillows? Brian and Molly figured out they looked Russian with Moshi on their heads.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Lets's forget that it's purple, no?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Brian tries to take a picture of my cleavage and gets a blurry photo os my cross instead. MWAHAHA! The Lord Hath Smiteth this Photo! Thanks Jesus!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A "floating" bead necklace...greens, mostly.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Triple-Strand Amethyst w/toggle clasp.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Hand-beaded Vintage fabric cuff bracelet

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And my very first buttonhole! I did that by hand, since my sewing machine doesn't have the foot thingie I need for it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My Law & rder: Criminal Intent Earrings...since I made them during a D'Onofrio marathon.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Buddy is so happy to have vertical blinds again!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

As it happens

It turns out that over the past few years, perhaps, I've developed an intolerance to carrots. I really am not all that surprised, considering my grandmother has the exact same problem.
I am feeling much better, though still not 100 percent. Bobi was very sweet and very helpful to me while not feeling well. And today I somehow got an embroidery needle stuck half an inch inside my big toe (buried in the carpet, I must get a pincushion) he yanked it out for me, and then held a papertowel on it until it stopped bleeding. Maybe I'm not having the best week, but at least I have the best boyfriend!

Also, he downloaded Season 1 of Rome for me so I could once again Revel in the raw masculine prowess that is Titus Pullo. And so I could see James Purefoy's Wang. (Sleep Goblin, look for your copy to arrive shortly)

Hey guess what?!? We found the camera dock! So here are some pics I took earlier this month when we were getting settled (it looks much better now).

Ah yes, the monster monitor. It is good for watching TV on. Especially TV involving Purefoy's Wang.

The bedroom wall. Really, everything being all stark white looks quite pretty. When the sun is shining.

My first Minnesota garage sale find! Isn't is the cutest? I paid $.50 for it, and it really brings out the orange in the bedspread.

The futon cover and pillows I made...and the cat that gets them all Hairy.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Freaking Out

Posting at 4:30 a.m. on a saturday morning, as I sit here huddled in a blanket, shivering and trying to force down a sprite. This is my first real illness since coming up here, the kind that comes on fast and unexpectedly. It's also my first time being sick and far away from my mom. Call me spoiled, or a baby, you wouldn't be wrong.

Do you know the one thing no one ever, ever, EVER wants to get? I got it. I don't want to go into too much detail because...well, it's gross. Let's just say it involves the word impaction and vomiting. If you can connect the dots you might ask your self why I'm not trying to drink clorox instead of sprite. I want to go wake Bobi and ask him to take care of me, but really what can he do, other than be really grossed out? I miss my mom.

Worst part? I probably won't be able to make it to Sleep Goblin's engagement party now. Should I send Bobi in my stead? Dammit! I bought an outfit for the occasion and everything!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Light Urple

Just a few things to say before I have to get ready for work...

I really, really, really like my new job. Everyone there is super nice, and the benefits are amazing. My boss thinks I'm "outstanding", which is a feeling I haven't had for a while.

Brian took me to JoAnn fabrics up here, Oh GOD! It's HUGE! I could have wandered around for hours and hours....Brian could not have. I made a new cover for my futon and am now working on some drapes. I figured if I'm going to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent for hours, I might as well sew.

We're talking about getting me a car sometime really soon....I hope so, our car schedule is hairy at best, between both of our jobs and now his summer class. And speaking of cars....I had no idea that Minnesota required a lisence tag on the front AND back of the car....and that they came in the mail together...I thought it was just one tag, so I screwed them both on to the back....much to Brian's amusement.

Also...never assume your highlights have grown out. They may not have! I wanted to try a darker blonde color....and my highlights turned this really bizarre purple (Light Urple?) gray shade. Adam took one look and said "You".

And then I killed him.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bi-weekly update

Things are starting to smooth out here, I have kitties, my apartment, a job. Now If I can find someone my own age to talk to, life will be good. Do you know how frustrating it is to get nothing but a blank stare anytime you quote 'Dirty Dancing'?

Our place is coming together nicely, I found this awesome old print of these really orange flowers at a garage sale for $.50, so I hung it in the bedroom where it really sets off our new Ikea Bedding. It's so bright and pretty and calming in will I ever be able to get up in the mornings to go to work?

And speaking of waking up, that has so far been the absolute best part of my day. I'm not saying It's all downhill from there or anything, but every morning when I wake up, it feels like such a happy surprise. No matter how much I complain about Bobi's preference for Crap music or his lack of 'Dirty Dancing' trivia (which, by the way, should improve since I forced him to watch it two nights ago) I know that we go together like Peanut Butter and Honey.

Now I want a sandwich.

Also, I'm currently re-watching season 1 of Carnivale`, anybody have any idea when season 2 comes out on DVD?

I love Clancy Motherfucking Brown. Don't look at me, that's what they call him over at TWOP.

Right now it's about *maybe* 70 degrees, cloudy and overcast and wanting to rain. Think I'll heat up some pound cake and get caught up on 'The 4400'. I've been taking a ton of pictures but can't find the dock to upload them. Solly!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

At Long Long Last

We start moving in to our new apartment tommorow! I can't express the relief I will feel at having my own stuff, and kitties, nearby. It's been okay here, there haven't been any roommate snafus, and we seem to have a bathroom schedule down pretty well. It's just cramped, and there is an incredibly adorable, incredibly sweet girl who is thinking about renting out B.'s room, so I don't worry so much about leaving the boys in the dust. They'll be juuuuuuuust fine.

Yesterday I had an appointment with one of the nicer (and busier - holy cow) temp agencies up here. I've been temping for quite a few years now, so it was interesting to see that the interview process was much much more rigorous, much more selective, and the testing was a bit more advanced. I still did awesome on my tests, but I actaully had to sit there and think (can you imagine?) about what I was doing, as oppossed to the tests they give in SC, that I can breeze through with my eyes closed and have a perfect score (I'm talking to you, Addeco). Also the insurance benefits available to Temps in SC are, let's face it, nonexistant. When I temped through Snelling, you had to have so many thousands of work hours accumulated before you even qualified for insurance, how awful is that? At one point I despaired over the hole I was in, making too much money for Medicaid (a whopping 8 bucks an hour) and not enough to afford the high premiums the agency's carrier charged. Here it is TOTALLY different, I can enroll now and recieve my benfits in 60 days, and the premiums for health, dental, and short-term disability are super affordable.

This past weekend Tolbs came up to visit B. and see his new car. (B. just got a new car 2 weeks ago, I'm now driving the Purple Minivan, aka the Purple Blur, aka The Peeb. I Love It.) I had heard that Tolbs, who must be something like 6'3" and 160 lbs (he's a lanky guy) was one of the fastest eaters ever. BAL-ONEY, I said. I have always been the fastest eater I know, which I know is not something most folks would necessarily Brag about, but there you go. We went to the Twin Cities Grill where I had the brilliant Idea to challenge Tolbs to a Steak-Off. He got the Porterhouse, i got the Prime Rib, both 20 ounce steaks. I was starving so I figured I would wolf it down in no time. He was done with his when I was just over half finished. So yes, DO own me at steak eating. But just wait until I make Kebobs! I will surely even the score!

In any case, I almost made myself sick and vowed that the next time I eat a $25 steak, I'm going to enjoy it, dammit.

Here are some pics I've taken recently...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My B. Playing World of Warcraft with no shirt on. RAWOR.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sea Glass that myself, B. and his sisters helped me find on the North Shore. It is sooooo beautiful there, next time we're up I'm going to remember the camera, dammit!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have once again succumbed to The Sims. *twitch*