Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where is that drum I need to bang all day?

I refuse to start getting ready for work until I've finished my cup of thick and muddy, aka coffee. *sluuuuuuurp*

I told Tara last night that we both need to get out of the house a little more. Not that we live together, but we might as well. We are the two gossipy old ladies who live on every street. There was a conversation involving a dog a few nights ago:

Tara: Did you hear a dog barking across the street today?
Me: This morning? I heard it. I peeked through the blinds and saw one sitting on the porch of the green house.
Tara: Was it tied up?
Me: I don't think know I'd call animal control if someone left a dog tied up outside in the rain! I'd call them in a heartbeat!
Tara: So would I!
Me: ::pause:: You realize that we're the nosy old women on this street don't you?
Tara: And we call the cops on people all the time?
Me: Yeah, well, that's more of a necessity at times.
Tara: Speaking of, who are all those kids at Paulette's house all the time???
Me: I was going to ask YOU.

And this goes on all night. It gradually dissolves into talking about people we know, people we work with, and somehow it all comes back to talking about Matthew Fox, and weather or not he's a 'tender lover'. She seems to think he is, I favor that he's a freak between the sheets, so we'll just have to agree to disagree. But I love the little idiosyncrasies between friends. How you interact with each other has a rhythm. And it's different for all of them isn't it? I know when I call Ashley (or when she calls me) we have our little ritual of her calling me a nerd for a few minutes before we start our conversation. And I love that! I wouldn't want to change that ever! Or how when Crystal and I go pig out on Mexican food we take the first few minutes to talk about how unenthusiastic the waiters are. And why is that? And If I should happen to have the rare, joyful occasion of hanging with both Crystal and Ashley at the same time...It ususally starts with me making inappropriate comments in front of Ash's kids and then clapping my hand over my mouth before I can say "Oh SHIT, Ashley, I'm sorry!"

And then everyone laughs. It's a good time.

So tell your friends you love them! They were there for you when you were awkward, lonely, sad, too drunk to see, or going through your bi phase before you went all-out gay.

I would be nowhere without mine, so thanks guys! I love you!

P.S. Do you realize that in two weeks I'll be freezing my ass off in MN? Do you? I can't wait! Squee!

::blows kisses towards Bobi's general direction::

You know I had to throw that shit in there. How could I not?


Crystal said...

What fun is a tender lover? :( Bring on the freak!!

I love the post title btw. I always love your post titles.

Bee said...

You are probably the only person who gets it.

Everyone else is too young to remember that song.

Ms. Adventures said...

Whatchoo talking about saying things in front of the boys. You're great around them and you know it.

Love you too nerd.

Beth + MN cold (a cold like no other)= HAAHAHAAAAA!

Bee said...

Not to worry, Ms.

As Billie Holiday sings..."I've got my love to keep me warm"

kimberlina said...

freezing in MN - i suggest hot chocolate w/ mint! mint schnapps, mayhaps? mmm... mint schnapps.... mmm... thick and muddy....