Thursday, April 13, 2006

To quote Kimberlina..."AIIIEEEEE!!!"

I have WORK to do! And here I sit, pointlessly blogging. I also have things to do which I never look forward to, that being Ironing clothes (yech) and packing to go to Tennessee for the Easter Holiday. That's where I spent my first easters as a little girl, in my sweet little dresses, complete with frilly socks and white mary janes. My mom KNEW how to dress a little girl.

The problem arrived when I became a teenager.

Lumpy, oddly-shaped, uncomfortable with my new...attributes, finding a dress to wear to church on Easter sunday became an Act of Congress. At 13 I had just begun to loathe pink, which I would not fully appreciate again until my mid 20's (or, more accurately, until Legally Blonde) and the only colors I wanted to don were white (which, if you're lumpy and oddly-shaped, you know how disasterous white can be) and Army Green. Where and why my obsession with Army Green began I'll never know. I can only look back and see my mother and aunt standing outside the dressing room at Goody's, their faces buried in their hands to supress the shrieks of sheer frustration. And me, wearing an Army green shirtdress, with a mile-wide belt (HUGE gold buckle) standing there saying "WHAT?!?"

No wonder my mom started going gray so early. Sorry, mom.

Next week will be another short week, for Friday I will be flying on the miraculous NonStop flight to MN, to see My Manz. Has anyone else besides me noticed the suspicious lack of Manz? Manz gone Missing!


kimberlina said...

omg - i have to see these pictures! please tell me you have them. gold buckles! i chortle with glee at the thought!

i, too, had a strange fascination with army green. i think we were the same. i used to be HUGELY girly in my younger years. then, when lack of ... attributes never appeared, i turned much more boyish. lots of long sleeve oversize shirts and this horrific thrift store 3-sizes-too-big green jacket.

what was i thinking? aiiieee! ;)

good luck w/ the work! and hey, manz? get back here! no more suspicious lacking!

Bee said...

OOH! I too had the oversized big green jacket, which I now fondly remember as my "Duffel Coat" My ex-boyfriend would write band names on it in ink pen. Band names like "Skid Row", "Slaughter", and of course "Iron Maiden"!


I know I can drudge up pictures of the year I wore a white dress (shudder).

B.O.B.I. said...

I lack in nothing! My absenteeism is due mainly to schoolwork and late-night Magic: The Gathering events! Also, I started up a video game recently, so that takes up some time, too.

Beth, I'm sorry I haven't been paying you enough attention. It doesn't mean that I love you any less and I promise I'll start hanging around the ol' blog more often and calling you more frequently. Next week will be a marked change because 1) you'll almost be here and I'll be all impatient and 2) No tests/papers/presentations for the rest of the year! Oh joy!

I, too, once possessed a ridiculously huge green sweatshirt, but it was Adidas and it was VIOLENTLY green. Like, glowing. It had its own power source that I carried in my pocket. I loved that shirt... Nowadays I have a dark (Army? Forest?) American Eagle hoodie that I cannot live without because it has the best hood on a sweatshirt ever crafted by man. It's huge and sooooo comfy and it drapes well, too!

Hanyhoo, more posts for me to spray my juice on. Word.

B.O.B.I. said...

Oh yeah, I love that you know and like Slaughter.


Bee said...

::does best Margaret Cho drag queen voice::

I'm Sorry! Do I KNOW You?

hee! I agree with Kimberlina on the suspicious lacking!

I'm very much looking forward to the visit! I hope you've done your dishes!

Also, I am NOT playing in that tournament!

kimberlina said...

during gfss weekend, my friend wore anthony's slayer shirt as pajamas.


kimberlina said...

oh, and please, drudge up pictures! :) :) :)