Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Beep-Beep, Hee-Haw, The easter bunny done broke the law!

What a relaxing holiday!

Screaming Children and an average of 3 hours of sleep per night were balanced by seeing relatives and lotsa food. Also, awesome Mountainside flea markets! I got a ton of beads, some vintage buttons (not shirt buttons but pin-buttons) and some VERY old postcards (1907 and 1911), and a genuine Donna Reed Housewife Apron. Did I mention the part where I ate like Caligula? Show me to the vomitorium, please.

The good news is that I probably burned it all off by chasing after 8 & 6 year old cousins. ENERGY!!!

Oh that and one of my cousins and I participated in a little illicit fun, courtesy of Mother Nature, and afterwards spent a whole half an hour laughing over our respective weight losses.
"Dude! I was so fat before...I didn't even have a FACE!"
"Oh YEAH? I was so fat one time, I Popped the button off my jeans. Just by BREATHING."
"I want Ice Cream!"
"Me Too!"

Apparantly Bobi's Magic Buddies all found this hilarious. As if a bunch of grown men sitting around in a circle flinging dice and saying things like "damage" and "trample" isn't a laugh-riot.

I almost made it home without an "episode" from mother. Almost. She waited until we were about 3 miles from my house to start shrieking at us, wild-eyed and frazzled.
OOOH, So Close!!!


B.O.B.I. said...

Hey! You play Magic, too!

And there is something very cathartic about Magic! Maybe it's Twiddling somebody's Throne of Bone, or Casturbating somebody's Horses... or maybe it's just setting everything on fire.

The point is, we know we're dorks, and we have fun with it. The fact that, yes, we sit in a circle with cards and dice, adding, subtracting, and multiplying ethereal numbers in wanton fashion does mean we're geeks, but it also says we have the requisite brain power to play a very complex and fun game.

Now I cast Szadek, Lord of Secrets and remove a ton of cards from your deck! WOO!

Bee said...

Ooh Looks like somebody can dish it out...But can he TAKE it???

Sleep Goblin said...

The fact that you know what a vomitorium is makes me love you so much more!

Bee said...

I would so ask you to be my internet girlfriend, but I think Kimberlina might get jealous.

Crystal said...

you should nominate your mom for that new show Shalom In the Home

I'm glad you had a good easter!

kimberlina said...

hell yea i'd get jealous! plus, i'm a black belt and have chinese mafia connections. i wouldn't want to "make an example" out of anyone.


and any holiday where you actually feel the need for a vomitorium is a good holiday, indeed. well, if the food induced coma-sickness is from too much good food and not pestilence ridden food, of course.