Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stupid. Wierd. Dreams.

I dunno if it was the leftover chinese take out I had for dinner, or all the hormones leaving my system, but I had a truly effed up dream last night.

We were having some kind of family reunion, but for some reason it was at my parent's office? My ex-husband and his wife were staying in my old bedroom (which is disturbing enough as it is) and my mother wouldn't come out of that room, because apparantly they brought the baby as well. I don't think that B. was in the dream, but I know that I was aware of him, like I kept saying "If B. were here then I'd have someone to hang out with". The front yard kept flooding. Like, REALLY flooding. As in Huge Oceanic swells that seemed to pick only me up, there was a group of guys standing on one part of the yard talking, and for some reason the water never touched that spot. OH! And for some reason when I was Outside it was my grandparent's front yard in Orlando. But I was getting picked up by all this water, and I'd look down and see that I was in an innertube, so I wouldn't worry, I'd just kind of bob along and yell down to the guys in the front yard "Hey! You guys should try this!". Then I'd get bored and go inside to find my dad, who was playing Memory with Grandma, only they called it 'Jungle Jim' for some reason and my grandma was dressed up from the 50's, including her hair. I got upset, Mom came out of the frigging newlywed suite to tell me that I had to see a psychic, and sent me packin. At which point I think I woke up. But I can't be sure. clowns, no Druscilla, and no Freddy Krueger. Could have been worse.


kimberlina said...

i've always been intrigued by the idea of a psychic.

and i've always been afraid of it, too. the netherworld gives me the heebie jeebies.

like a ouiji board.

Bee said...

I've actually seen one before. She was like...the real deal. (No neon palm sign in the front window, by referral only) and it was some scary shit! She told me that my parents were going to be having marital problems (they did) that my mom would have to have surgery (she did) and some other assorted stuff that made me say "ooooooooh".