Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things I will NOT miss about my neigborhood.

1. Police Cars blocking my driveway every other day. Dammit, Stay off of my lawn! Can't you see I'm growing Sand here?!?

2. The yard "maintenance" guy pointlessly weedeating in my backyard at 7:30 A.M.

3. Palmetto Bugs. They breed in the mounds of wet leaves the yard "maintenance" guy blows up against my house.

4. SAND!!!

5. Having 24-hour grocery store parking lot floodlights right outside my bedroom window.

6. People I've never met knocking on my door asking "You got a cigarette?" or "I have to pay my water bill, can I borrow $20?"

7. The constant stream of ambulances taking people to the hospital less than a mile away.

8. The Yuppies encroaching on my backyard. Damn Yuppies!

9. DOT paved my driveway and now my car scrapes worse than it did before.

10. I never get my mail.


Crystal said...

you have a yard maitenance guy??

kimberlina said...

palmetto bugs. ::shudder::

did you ever see that crazy thing where a wasp will sting a roach in the BRAIN?! and then can lead it around by it's little roach antlers like a cowboy on a HORSE?! it's fucking insane. i love it. and i hate it. ::shudder::

Bee said...

I see what you mean. I find that fascinating and revolting, in equal measure

Crystal said...

there's no way that's true kimberlina!

(or is it? *blonde moment*)

kimberlina said...

dude, crystal, it is SOOO true. i'll have to find it and comment your site on it. :)