Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I Love, love, love LOVE David Cross. A sorely underappreciated man, in my book. If you have the time, and enjoy lively debate, please read David Cross' open letter to Larry the Cable Guy.

That guy isn't even from the south!!! I feel so vindicated now!

I finally spoke with my brother last night. We've been doing the careful dance of avoidance since he told me he was flat-out against me moving. He said (to paraphrase) He didn't want for me to move because we'd never see each other. I reminded him we hadn't seen each other since January, despite the fact he only lives 4 hours away.
I'm going to try to get up there for a visit before his big fantastic New York summer (he's in the front running for a summer internship at MTV!) and make sure we do lots of brother-sister bonding stuff. Which to him will probably involve a water bong and a serious discussion on whether or not Radiohead was partially influenced by Steely Dan (I vote 'no' on this).

I got a surprise in the mail monday from B...PAJAMAS!!! The silk Dragon-print pj's I wanted from target. I was going to post a picture of them but target isn't showing the photo on their website, bastards! Also a very sweet card that made me go "wibble". Only two and a half more weeks until our next visit, then hopefully just a few more weeks until the final move. We've pushed the date forward, because I couldn't see any reason why not to. Anyone who has ever lived in SC in the summer knows that late may through mid november is not a good time for moving, it's a good time for heat stroke.


kimberlina said...


i, too, heart david cross. you rock, bee! thanks sososo much for posting this, for i only visit your blawgs and never

how exciting to be moving? will bobi be helping you move & drive & schtuff?

Ms. Adventures said...

I'm sorry I don't know who David Cross is.

Yea siblings can really suck sometimes, my sister and I have been feuding lately.
Hope you and your brother get to meet up though.

Pajamas rock! Good job Brian!

So when did you move the date up to?

Bee said...

Kimberlina, did you ever watch Mr. Show with Bob & David? Pure Brilliance!!! That's when my *true* love of David Cross began. Re: Bobi,
He *should* be able to help with the driving & stuff. We're trying to get the timing right, I'm sure we'll have something worked out soon.

Ash, you'd recognize David Cross if you saw him, he's had bit parts in tons of movies. And yes, my manz done good with the pajamas, card, and and other surprises which fall under the "nunya" category. *Wink*

Just an old hobo said...

That letter is hilarious! After I read it, I carried copies around to give out to people I thought would get it. I also heart David Cross.

I'm so glad things seem to be going better and better for you! I just hate you'll be moving so soon after we met. And to Minnesota, no less. Shiver.

kimberlina said...

we totally own mr show! one of my favorites is cloning hitler. i think anthony even has the book of their skits. or that fat kid camp! hehheh.

Bee said...

I'm sorry...but Jeepers Creepers will always be my absolute favorite Mr. Show skit...

Hey Jeepers! Check this shit ooooout!