Sunday, February 05, 2006


"Oi!" is the sound my kidneys made yesterday morning as they kickboxed each other while I tried casually walking around the Flea market with Ashley.

I only made one flea market purchase, a book about art from 1890-1980. Lots of my most recent obsession, Paul Klee.

Yesterday morning was dreary, overcast and gray. By the time I woke up from my post-shopping nap, the day was brilliant and gorgeous. Too bad I felt too crappy to venture outside. Today, however is a different story. It is once again a beautiful day, and I'm getting ready to visit my parents, where hopefully my dad and I will get into some woodworking.

It's too nice to spend hunched over my computer.


kimberlina said...

i fucking love paul klee!

kimberlina said...

hence, thusly and wherefore, i must also love you.

Bee said...

Oh I LOVE it when I find something in common with someone else, whereas most people I know are like "Is that abstraaaaact? I don't like abstraaaaact".

I especially love 'Fish Magic' Kimberlina.

Now tell me you love Sebastian Matta and I'll go gay for you.

Michaela said...

Glad to hear you feel better!

kimberlina said...

ok, i totally admit i didn't know who sebastian matta was - but... beautiful! i love those meld-y color bleeds. they make me happy with glee!