Thursday, February 23, 2006

Only you can prevent Florist Friars.

Today I must stop putting off going to the gym. Especially after yesterday.

I wore this dress...

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That's me on the far left in the black & white.

Keep in mind this photo was taken in August. The dress fit then. So I wore it yesterday because a)I'm too lazy to unpack and b)They can't make me do anything too 'physical' (lifting, carrying, etc) if I'm all dressed up. So I put the dress on to discover it was now like 2 sizes too big. Had I lost THAT much weight? So I was pretty happy about that. Happy enough to eat 1 cheesestick, 1 slice Hawiian pizza, a TON of candy and ice cream cake at Penelope's birthday party.
I guess I'm trying to fill the dress back out. Hence today = gym.

Also, everyone needs to take note of my new link for Bad Movies.Org, which is good for hours of entertainment when you should be working.

Have I mentioned how badly I miss Brian? I thought by now it might go without saying.
So I said it anyaway.

Hey! remember Garbage Pail Kids?

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B.O.B.I. said...

::stares aghast at the horror which is "Garbage Pail Kids"::

What... in God's name... is it!?

Oh, and it SO goes without saying, but I miss you so so so much, too!

::big hugs and smoochies::

I'll be there soon, baby. I know waiting sucks, but I'll get there.

And way to go on the dress! I TOLD you you're sexy! Next time you'll listen to me! ::sly wink::

Bee said...


You never had Garbage Pail Kids?!?

You are way sheltered.

I love you. *mwah*

kimberlina said...

*seriously* sheltered! garbage pail kids were so awesome! unless my brother was cramming the little cards in my face... then they weren't that funny.

i wish i had a gym partner. i must make do at home with my ddr obsession.

B.O.B.I. said...

Ugh. DDR...

I wish I could get behind that game, I really do, but there's no way I'll ever get any good at it, and so I must relegate it to the "Hatin'" pile.

Sorry, Kimby.

And no, I never heard of Garbage Pail Kids... but you never heard of Battle Beasts or Rock Lords! They were the SHIT and a half!

Or my first geek game ever, Dragon Dice. It kinda sucked because I had no one to play with and then it flopped. Ah, well... life lessons, no?

I love you, too, Bethie!


Word ver: glaez. Now I want glazed donuts...

Bee said...

You CANT hate DDR!

You Just CANT!!!!!!!!

kimberlina said...

oh, one day, the obsession will rise from the depths. an obsession the world has never seen.

his feet will BE ON FIRE!

i can feel it in me bones.

Crystal said...

I was one of those really indignant 7 year olds and I was highly upset that they would dare tarnish the great name of Cabbage Patch Kids by promoting something as distasteful as the pail kids.

Sleep Goblin said...

I do remember garbage pail kids. I had both regular cabbage patch dolls, and their counterpart cards.

Beth, I have a theory that anyone born after me (Sept 1981, and quite possibly some before) are suffering from a generation gap that makes them impossible to relate to (or near it).

Hence.. we all loved garbage pail kids, and yet brian, not so much younger, but just young enough, has no idea what we're talking about.

I'm telling you, post-1981 is a whole new world.

Bee said...

Yeah I've found that true with music so far. I don't know any of these post-punk groups he listens to are...and he's never heard of Hall & Oates!


B.O.B.I. said...

And I say it's just a girl thing!

Do ANY of you remember the Z Bots?

I had TONS of those things! Including the aforementioned Battle Beasts and Rock Lords, they made up a sizable portion of my action figure collection. At some point I lost 'em... sucks, because they were pretty cool.

Oh, and Monsters In My Pocket? Somebody has to remember those. They were HUGE.

As for music, yeah, I'm sheltered. Blame my dad, he raised us on the 60s and 70s with some of The Ramones and The Gear Daddies.

Bee said...


The monster in your pocket is huge.

You know I had to go there.