Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh JOY!!!

I got presents!!! Yes, Presents!!!

How lame is it I have no camera, ergo no way to post pictures of my delightful surprises! So I'll just tell ya...

Season 1 of Battlestar! Oh HEART!
'Knife of Dreams' by Robert Jordan! Yippie!
Chinese Movies!

There were a few other items in todays Bobisurprise, but being modest I'm not tellin ya. Plus, I like having a few things to myself.

I played hooky today, and it was GREAT. First I goofed of online for a while, then made my way down to DEC to take the loverly Crystal out for Enchiladas! Then after that wonderful, relaxing, way-past-an-hour lunch hour, I made my way down to the county tax office to pay my vehicle taxes. I've been putting this off since August, for two reasons, mainly. A - Laziness B- Brokeness C - Had money, but wanted to buy Stuff instead. I got a letter in the mail saying that the Richland County Sherrif's Office had noticed my mucho expired tags and that I had to turn in a paid reciept by January 31 or GO TO JAIL. Which makes me wonder sometimes if Driving is really at all worth it. Don't we have a bus here? But that's probably once again my laziness talking.

So, help me out....Reading or TV?


SlimAdam said...

bethie- i could say save yer copy of 'the last starfighter' as i found it on dvd. b ut bring it anyway as we could all have drunken nostalgia night watching it. that's if bobi lets us near you....

Bee said...

Just let him try to stop me!

Don't forget Night of the Comet, I'm bringing that one too!

Because the cheerleader WINS, that's why!

kimberlina said...

hm, kimberlina says reading AND tv. i like to put something in that i've seen a bajillion times so i can just keep it as good background noise. and if i get tired of whatever else i'm doing (usually cleaning), then i'll get sucked into the tv.

i want a veg-out day!