Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Blogger!

Blogger has offically had the joy of my posting for a year now!

I am so. amazingly. mind-numbingly. bored.

Terry is making me reconcile old A/R stuff. Kill me now!

Damn that Terry!

Today can't be all 'Lost' tonight. Looks like Sun might get kidnapped by the others. I hope not, Sun rocks!

Back to my Excel spreadsheet.


B.O.B.I. said...

Listen... I love you.

I know it's incredibly generic and obscure, but if you can name the movie, you get like fifty gazillion bonus points and whatever you want from me for, like, two years.

And I'm not talking the ordinary "whatever you want", like sexual favors or cooking. No, I'll clean parks and work on cold fusion if you get this right and if you want me to. 'Cuz then that's just amazing.

Ok, one hint: it's said in response to a gift of Fritos. That should be WAY more than enough to get the answer. At least, it would be for Tolbs.

Seriously, though... I love you. Talk to you soon.

tolbs said...

I wont ruin it

Ms. Adventures said...

Woo! Beth. Blogger is one lucky stiff I tell ya!

I'm sorry I didn't read bobi's proclaimation of love all the way through, cause it makes me gag slightly. Sorry.

just joking :)

Bee said...

I established, I don't know the movie. Bobi told me.

I don't like Tim Allen, sue me!

P.S. just hate me cause you aint me.

kimberlina said...

ooooo... tim allen? is he the home improvement guy? i like him more than seinfeld, whom i loathe. i guess that's saying something.

Crystal said...

Qalaxy Quest is a hysterical movie.

Bee said...

Point to Crystal.

Galaxy Quest is, indeed, an hilarious movie. I didn't hate him in that.