Monday, February 20, 2006

In Re: /Cry

You're welcome, x5.

These were the best 4 days of my life. After you walked away this morning, I stood in security line, crying the whole time. My eyes wouldn't stop seeing you, my ears wouldn't stop hearing you, my mouth wouldn't stop tasting you. I've never felt such a wrenching apart as I did today, like a part of me was suddenly missing. A phantom pain from something no longer there.
But even through this incredible sadness and heartache, I was (am) grateful. I love you. You love me. We wouldn't feel this sad at being apart if we didn't know we couldn't live without each other. I never thought I would find anything so right, so real, so true.

As for crying, I'm doing my share right now. I came home to realize it isn't anymore. It's empty. Home just isn't without you, cooking me spagetti while singing songs from Grease, giving me galloping piggyback rides or just looking over and smiling at me. I need to gross you out with my love of rare steak. I need to try that 'Wonderboy' duet again. I need to open my eyes in the morning and see you beside me. I need to wake you up with my laughing over the silliest dream. I need to let you beat me at M:TG some more. So don't cry, love. Know that I feel the same, that I miss you more than anything, and I love you more than everything.

And thank you so much for this, Crystal.


Crystal said...

now I'M crying


B.O.B.I. said...

Me, too, again!

:: kleenex ::

:: hugs Bethie's CD wallet for comfort ::

I love you, sweetie! I'll see you (kinda) soon!

Ms. Adventures said...

aw! SO SWEET! :sniffle, snort, snort:

Spinning Girl said...



Pass the Kleenex brand facial tissue!



I am so glad that you two had a great visit, that is the part I was nervous about.

SlimAdam said...

dang...*hands spinning girl some kleenex brand tissue*...good golly i really can't take much more of this. but at this point i'm pirty cynical in the ways of love. at least it's goin well for you guys. and burgers fo everybody!

SlimAdam said...

actually, i'll just leave a whole box of internet kleenex for anyone who reads this post. i may be cynical but i ain't heartless.

Sleep Goblin said...

I agree with SG, that initial meeting is the part where I worry. But you made it! And one day, your kids will tell their kids of this fairy tale romance you have, and you can be held up as an example of true love.

I do that about my grandparents, and I hope my grandkids can do the same.

kimberlina said...

i love you bethie! not as much as bobi does, perhaps, but this blog-letter was so sweet and sincere and raw.

*le sigh*

galloping piggyback rides? man, you were spoiled.

B.O.B.I. said...

::blush:: @ Kimby!

I tried. It was fun! When we can do it outside, I think it'll be more fun for both of us.

Michaela said...

I was not expecting tears over my eggs and toast this morning! I'm so happy for the 2 of you and at the same time, my heart goes out to you because you are apart.

Bee said...

Spinning Girl/Sleep Goblin - You guys were not the only ones worried about our initial meeting. A lot of people asked 'what if it goes kablooey', and somehow I knew it wouldn't. Which proves I know everything. Sweet!

Adam - My opinion as a casual observer is that you are far from cynical, and could never be called heartless. And thanks for the kleenex, I need it (again!)

Kimberlina - I was spoiled rotten! I got bags of Trail mix, Hello Kitty fruit snacks, piggyback rides, I even beat him at this video game similar to Dinomite on (though, I do rock that shit)

Michaela, Crystal, Ash - Aw. ::hugs::

kimberlina said...

heh heh. you said "do it outside."

Sleep Goblin said...


Your mother would be shocked!

j/k. :)

B.O.B.I. said...

::rolls eyes about Kimby at Bethie::

Some people, eh, honey?

::winks knowingly at Kimby and flashes a thumb's up while mouthing, "OH YEAH!"::

Bee said...

Would that be like that little 'gesture' you made at Adam while I wasn't looking?

::taps foot::

Spinning Girl said...

Hello, teddy bears dressed as other things are my nemesis!

Bee said...

Serves me right for Scanning.

(Sometimes when I'm at work it's a requirement. My office is fully of Nosy Parkers)

I pretty much have an aversion to anything 'not people' in clothes.

(Yes, Bobi. Even Christmas trees.)

B.O.B.I. said...

But...! A Christmas Tree...! On a pet's site...! In uniform...!

So silly!!!

And yeah, it's almost like that "gesture" I was making at Adam.

Stop tapping that foot, you know you want this.