Monday, February 27, 2006

More people who think I rock!!!

Everyone go check out my dear friend Skylar's new bloginess. Kimber & Sleepy: I added you guys to her blog links, because we are trying to get a craft section of Swanky Gruel up and running. I thought she could look at your respective crafts for ideas.

Kimberlina: we are opening up our own chapter of GFSS here, except it will be called Columbia Craft Mafia. I've already confessed to not being a crafter, but I've been assured I'm in good hands. They's gonna train me up!



Crystal said...

what? celebrity stalking isn't a craft?

You try to stalk David Boreanaz & Ewan McGregor at the same time and tell me you don't have to be crafty!!


B.O.B.I. said...

You gotta be down-fuckin'-right NINJA to stalk some of them peoples!

This one time when I was still papparazzi, I was trying to grab a shot of Tom Selleck (I had a feeling) and the guy led me, for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES, through three of New York's burroughs!

In conclusion, yes, Crystal, yours counts.

Bee said...



B.O.B.I. said...

::googly eyes at Bethie::

Jeez, I was kidding...

It's the moustache, isn't it? It's always the 'stache! Why the fuck can't I grow a damn moustache!?

::stomps off, grumbling to himself::

Sleep Goblin said...

*crying* Everyone has crafting friends.. I want crafting friends!!

Bee said...

Well, we'll just have to make that part of Purefoy and Jovavich night!!!

Though I don't know if I could cross-stitch in the presence of Purefoy.

Ms. Adventures said...

That would be great for you to be crafty Beth. In the crafting sense I guess.

I might be crafty, on a large scale. Like putting up molding in my house, that kind of thing.... sewing...

Beth you refinish furniture! That's super crafty!

BTW Mangnum PI was totally HOT! It was the swager and the porche (I think that's what it was).

Bee said...

And Higgins, don't forget Higgins.

I love a big hairy man who wears hawiian shirts, drives a porche, and has a manservent.


kimberlina said...

you refinish furniture???


(and not from the fumes of all the weird chemicals you refinishing peoples use, that's from adoration)

Sleep Goblin said...

Yeah, I was trying to tell her the other day how awesome that is..