Monday, February 27, 2006

To quote Ashley "AWW SAD!"

Bobi is not feeling well!!!

It drives me nuts that he's sick and I can't do so much as hand him a Halls. Dammit.

One of my best friends took off saturday, went to Oklahoma and didn't tell me until right before she was getting ready to leave. She's moving there with her ex-fiancee (i guess now current fiancee?) who I don't really know. What I do know about him, or more specifically their relationship, bothers me. From what I reacall when they were together the first time, they were kind of into Third Parties and Subs. My reaction to which was a resounding "erm. Okaaaaay...." but that was her decision. When they broke up she started dating a really great guy, who is really and truly in love with her. Now that she's gone back to the other guy, I have to wonder if love was what she really wanted all along. She says it is, but how can you love someone who has no qualms about sharing you with other people? And if you love that person, why would you want to share yourself with anyone else? I love my friend and I miss her, but I don't think I'll ever understand her. Another reason she gave for leaving was that she wanted Financial Stability. Which to me, is the worst possible reason (next to a coke habit) to be with someone. And it only gives ammo to men who hate women. Not naming names.

On another front, please send all your prayers to Cindy, Doc & Baby Eli.

Eli was premature, and spent the first few months of his life (he is now 4 months old) in NICU. The birth was extremely difficult for Cindy and the baby, and both were very sick. A few weeks ago, Eli had a grand mal seizure and has had at least one more since then while in ICU. The worst part is that the Hospital social worker and Department of Social Services is now investigating Cindy and Doc for shaken baby syndrome, even though a Doctor, a Medical Professional has conceded that his symptoms are not consistent with SBS, but *probably* had to do with the fact that he received 3 hepatitis vaccines as a premature newborn. Not that I'm a doctor, but DUH.
Apparantely 8 out of 13 families with children in Pediatric ICU in this town are being investigated by Horry County DSS for abuse. Which seems like a kind of high number.
Cindy is having to deal with the hell that while her infant is in the hospital, having blood drained from his head, he has already been removed from her custody and she has been pretty much told to expect to be arrested today.
I can't tell you how outraged this makes me. They've spoken to someone who runs an organization about how commonly SBS is misdiagnosed. If you google it, the number would appall you. I plan to help in any way I can, but in the mean time baby Eli is very very sick, and could use everyones well-wishes.


Some days it feels like the whole worlds gone crazy.
Love you guys.


Crystal said...

If you want finacial stability -you need to earn it for yourself; not depend on someone else to provide it for you.

That is a very "aww sad" story about Cindy and Eli. You should send that information in to all the local news stations and newspapers. Maybe someone will start investigating that DSS branch and that NICU unit if there are that many cases.

Ms. Adventures said...


hey! Wait a second here!? :crosses arms and pouts:

I second Crystal's emotion :)

B.O.B.I. said...

Standing by with EXTREMELY angry letter, baby.

Just say the word and address.

SlimAdam said...

i gave bobi tylenol. check.

baby prayers sent. check

hate in my heart for stupid whore. check.

my work is done here.

kimberlina said...

ugh - i hate when friends do things that you know they shouldn't do, that they should be stronger and demand their needs. i wouldn't want to share myself. and fuck if i need financial stability from anyone.

... but if anthony wins the lottery and wants to gift me like crazy, no problemo!

and good luck to cindy! sometimes the world makes me sad. there aren't words to describe.