Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I am fine, no cause for alarm.

The potential for disaster was there, but someone up there loves me, so no disaster.

But while sitting in the stupid muggy waiting room lookit what I made for my loooooove!

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Can I just say...the boy makes me totally. retarded.


B.O.B.I. said...

Awww, you're the best ever!
And don't worry. I'm sure you know, by now, that you make me pretty damn retarded, too.

I'm so glad everything's ok.

I love you!

kimberlina said...

hurray for love-induced retardation!!!!!

that's the best kind. you know. instead of genetic.

your robot fucking rocks.

Sleep Goblin said...

Geez. You are retarded...

But not for your robot.

Just an old hobo said...

Glad to hear all's well! Does that mean your marathon period is over? That's gotta be a relief!

Oh, and you and your boy are making me gag. Cough cough. In a good way, of course. Lucky luckies.

Bee said...


My doctor actually SAID to me yesterday..."Wow. I'll be YOUR no fun on a date!!!"

Thanks for that, Doc.

P.S. you Hobo...I sent you a myspace invite for Columbia Craft Mafia.

Ms. Adventures said...

so what's the verdict then? I'm glad you ok
yea, you are pretty retarded, but you were like that before the boy.

Bee said...


Why are we all talking about this when there is such a cute robot???