Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ice Cube would agree! It was a good day!

Today started off in typical mundane fashion. With work.

Then, glory of glories! My tax returns arrived at last! Now I don't have to sweat having travel money for my trip next week. (omg! next week! tingles!)

I did use a portion of the money for productive stuff. Like, I joined that gym down the street from my office. It's a 24-7 place so I can now put my insomnia to good use! It's 6 a.m.! That's no time for saddlebags!

I also took my best girl Crystal to Heros and Dragons, Columbia's biggest comic book store, where she drooled over the Angel comic book and I bought magic cards. We made a stop by Manifest discs and tapes, where I got a *sweet* Superman mini lunch pail (perfect size to hold my magic decks) and the new Cat Power cd (On Sale!)

Of course to celebrate joining a gym, what's better than pigging out on chinese food? Nothing! After weeks of eating hardly anything, it was downright euphoric to bury my face in a plate of chow mein. Take THAT, saddlebags!

Oh and in case anyone was wondering, I love Bobi! He's the most awesome, adorable, loveable guy in the whole wide world, and he makes me happier than Christmas!

Even this Christmas!

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kimberlina said...

damn, happier than christmas? that's pretty happy! i hope you have an awesome (and warm) time on your trip. also, if you visit the total wine store - try the framboise lambic. it's a raspberry flavoured beer-ish item. AMAZING. especially if you like spumanti!

Crystal said...

raspberry flavored beer? Sweet!

It was my honor to accompany you! :) Plus, you paid for dinner so of course, I couldn't say no.

Bee said...

Crystal, Woodchuck makes a raspberry flavored beer. Or rather "draft cider" that's quite tasty as well. I'm definitely gonna sample the framboise lambic though.

Yes, happier than christmas.

B.O.B.I. said...

I'm happier than when I was at my graduation party with all my friends and let me tell you - THAT was a good time!

I'm happier than bees in flowers, than plants in sunshine, than tuna in a sammich.

I'm so happy I could fly and you aren't even HERE yet! I'm glad you had fun!

Oh, and I LOVE YOU, TOO! Talk to you soon, baby!