Sunday, February 19, 2006

Steaks, Shopping, and Frozen Nose Hairs.

It took FORFUCKINGEVER for my flight to get in from Chicago. Those airlines, so unorganized!

Finally I arrived to 18-degree weather, SNOW(!), and this adorable redheaded guy who wisked me away in his big purple van!

After a few games of magic (Bee:1 Bobi: 2) we decided to visit this place called "outside". HOLY SHIT. It was 4 degrees outside! Do you know what happens to your nose hair at 4 degrees?!? It's the most interesting sensation. And not *entirely* unpleasant, just kinda funny.

To all my girlfriends...prepare for envy. We went to the Mall of America friday. There's a Sephora Store there!!! Sephora! I dropped a small hunk of cash in there before schooling Bobi on Sushi. Surprise! He liked it!

But ya'll don't care about all that do ya? You want pictures don't you? Yeah you do. Big Babies. Fine, here you go...

OH GLORY!!! OH JOY!!! You are all so ENVIOUS!!!

That's right, we spent hours wandering around Ikea, trying to choose our favorite diarama! One strange thing of note: I think I only saw 1 bathtub in the whole store.

We liked this mirror so much we had to take a picture of it. Bobi Helped.

Here is a custodian from Mall of America. What's that on his head? It's a big, soft crown hat. I have an idea as to why he was wearing it around. I think it's punishment for being late too many days in a row. I imagined a very Bob Kelso-like boss saying "Late Again Ted?!? You know what this means!" "Not the Crown!". Hee.

Seriously. You just hate me cause you aint me.

More to come. For now I'm going to school Bobi on the wonders of an IHOP breakfast.


Spinning Girl said...

Cutest EVER.

kimberlina said...


sushi? ikea? crowns? frozen nose-hair? take pictures of yourselves kissing?

so. fucking. adorable.

Sleep Goblin said...

So.. wait a minute.. let me get this straight...

By "school BOBI", you're implying he had never had sushi or ihop breakfasts?

Cause that's just wrong.

Especially for supposed Asian studies major, or whatever he is.

Ms. Adventures said...

Good point sleep goblin AND if he's lived in close proximity to those things and just never partook, that's even wronger (or whatever).

Crystal said...

It is quite strange that a japanese major would never eat sushi.

i love you beth. and i'm soooooo happy that you're happy. xoxo (in a very non-lesbo way)

B.O.B.I. said...

HMPH! There's things you just never get around to doing, ok!? Besides, as I wrote earlier on Sleepy's blaahg, I didn't even know what the hell an IHOP was (or what it stood for) until last year, nor had I seen one.

The sushi is less excusable, yes, but until the other day, I really hadn't seen very much tempting Japanese cuisine and the stuff I'd had was quite bland and tasteless. Plus, have you SEEN a real Japanese restaurant menu? It's all raw fish fillets and eel slices! I swear!