Monday, May 01, 2006

I get MAD Love!!!!

No matter what else happens for the rest of the day, even if it's news I don't want to hear about the apartment, NOTHING will bring me down after seeing This.

Bobi and Spinning Girl can BOTH stuff it!!! I've Got my OWN 'Ode to Me' Now! Well, maybe not so much an "Ode" as an "interperative dance", but in my opinion FAR better. Who needs stuffy old Odes anyway?

Ashley is way more than forgiven for missing my stupid moving sale for that! Girlfriend, where'd you learn to shake your booty like that?

Huge Hugs and Smiles all around!!!


Ms. Adventures said...

HA HA!! You know I can shake my groove thang! Not like a ballerina, but whateva!

B.O.B.I. said...

LOL! That's awesome, Ashley. Truly inspired!

Congrats, sweetie! Visual AND audio for your Ode! What finery! What class! What skill!

Although, the video keeps freezing for me. Does this happen for anybody else? Did Ashley just get tired of moving?

Anyway, NICE JOB, Ashley! Tres sexy!

Bee said...

It only lasts for 30 seconds

kimberlina said...

that was totally awesome!

you are one super lucky gal, bethie.

Spinning Girl said...

How special! All must flock to you.

p.s. I stuffed it. It felt great.