Friday, March 03, 2006


How catchy is that song "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas? Normally I haaaaaate them. But for some reason I can't get that stupid song out of my head.

Rip-off artists! Fergie is a pants pee-er! Hrmph.

I fell asleep at 9:00 last night!!! I haven't gone to bed that early in YEARS. And I slept hard, people. When Bobi called after work I was sleep-babbling at him, still being about 45% asleep. The one thing I do remember clearly about our conversation was him saying "HUH?" Sorry, Baby!

I am soooooo excited for Sleep Goblin! Right now she's in France with DS, and I can't help but get all girly and squealy about their reunion! Mostly because a week from tommorow, I'll be having a little reunion of my own. I. Can't. Wait.

More good news! I have a sort of job interview with this guy on monday. It's for a possible work-from-home job, and the company is my Former Employer's competition. Even better, it's the company my former boss (read: fratboy dickhead from hell) worked for. Fratboy Dickhead from Hell is being sued by former company. I have no shame in the fact that I take some delight in this. And I really hope I get the job, if for no other reason than the thought of Fratboy Dickhead from Hell finding out about it. I was the only person in the office he didn't feel was important enough to sign a Non-Compete agreement. Therefore I can work for competitor without threat of lawsuit. HA! I love it when people underestimate me.



Ms. Adventures said...

you nerd! HA!!!

sorry had to say it.

I LOOOOVE That song too and Let's Crash the Party by OK GO!

Fergie's not a pants-peer but a meth head via bad rumor! SO HA!

Hey I changed my template on my blog and have updated about arsehole professor. Go read. Now!

Oh! and are you still coming over tomorrow night? I must make sure there's goodies for you. Kinda like a grandma would :)

B.O.B.I. said...

My poor, tired sweeth thang! It's ok, honey; if there's one thing BOBI understands, it's tired.

I'm still rooting for you for the interview but, once more, you don't need any help! You're GOLD, baby!

As for the Black Eyed Peas... Sorry, I hate them. A lot. All of them. All of their songs. Just. Annoying.

I can't wait for a week from tomorrow! It's coming fast!!

I love you!

Sleep Goblin said...

I hate the Black Eyed Peas too. When DS says that he thinks Fergie is hot, I want to throw up on him.

Yea for me!! I'm in France!!

I love reunions with lovers.

Bee said...


Which is why I'm so PISSED about having that song stuck in my head.

And what's with that one guy? He creeps me out!

tolbs said...

*tear*. so proud of my musical apprentice and his pure hatred for the most retarded group of "artists" on the planet.

Bee said...

You're like Music's answer to Dumbledore.


kimberlina said...

i hate dickboy fratheads. or.. um, dickhead fratboys. whichever! both!

good luck on your interview!