Monday, March 20, 2006

I am now "the man"

I got the job, making more money, doing more stuff than my old job.

It's hard to be really excited about it when I miss Brian so bad.

One thing that DOES excite me?!?

I'm getting my very own business cards. For the first time ever.

Hey thanks to everyone who let me pity-party yesterday. Hugs!


Elizabeth said...

Woohooo! New gigs rock! Mo' money! Nice going!

I'm getting my first business cards with my new job, too! Well, that's not entirely true...I used to have business cards as an editor at the college paper, but that doesn't really count.

Kudos with M&Ms to you!

Crystal said...

I have business cards and no one to give them too.

CONGRATS!! It always feels good to get hired!

Do they know you're quitting in a couple of months?

Ms. Adventures said...

youse the WOMAN!! Go Beth!