Thursday, March 16, 2006

So EASY!!!

As I sit here in my pajamas typing this and sipping cranberry juice, Bobi is at the grocery store fetching supplies for dinner tonight. Now If I can get him to remember that thing about putting the seat down I'll be doing good.

We've had pretty much a perfect week. The beach could not have been more beautiful, and it was absolutely the best time I'd ever had around that much sand. One funny(ish) thing happened: while walking back from the beach on the boardwalk I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I flung out my arm in the universal gesture for "stop walking right. fucking. now." and whispered "Don't. Mooooove" out of the corner of my mouth. A snake, large but not huge was moving from underneath the walkway to the nearby brush. It stopped for a moment and regarded us before deciding that maybe geek was NOT on the menu for today. As it moved along it's merry way i resisted (barely) the urge to hiss out "Thankssss", Harry Potter style. I thought it was cool. I think it freaked Bobi out a bit, but he's a good sport. I've loved having him here, and now can't wait until June. Although I know we'll be busy then, and there won't be as much goofing off and making googly-eyes, I'm going to keep plenty of time in my calender open for just such.

Because we're making everyone sick with the PDA's, and I can't get enough.


Ms. Adventures said...

sounds like a really nice time. Thanks again for coming over the other night. I enjoyed having you guys there.

Sleep Goblin said...

I'm pretty sure it's written somewhere that the official job of happy couples is to make everyone else nauseous.

kimberlina said...

here's how you remind him to put the seat down:

tell him about the study that shows that when you flush w/ the seat up, pee molecules FLY through the air and stick onto things, like, your face and your toothbrush. up to 5 or 6 ft those pee (or worse!) molecules can travel! pee molecules are apparently often found on toothbrushes. urp.

this totally grosses me & ant out and we're pretty good about keeping it down.