Wednesday, March 08, 2006

2 Peas in a Pod! EEK! Pod People!!

Oh happy day! Bobi will be here saturday! Sans Adam, which is too bad, but kind of understandable. I. Am. So. EXCITED!!!

Just a few of the PG-13 festivies planned?

Saturday: There are no PG-13 Activities Planned for this day.

Sunday: Riverfront Park/Columbia Marionette Theater! Meet Tara, Skylar,possibly Alan (he might make it to town).

A tasty meal at Ashley's house. The lovely Crystal will of course be there. I am bringing my Trivial Pursuit: Pop Culture game. I suspect hilarity will, predictably, ensue.

Monday: Meet the parents! Watch in horror as my mother shows home movie of me with my Motley Crue T-shirt and sideways ponytail. And leggings. And knee-boots. All violently green.

Tuesday: Show Bobi this thing called an "Ocean". Also, it's Myrtle Beach so have plenty of specimen of "Redneck" to display as well. Go to Brookgreen Gardens, be awed.

Wednesday: Mr. B's Goodtime Karaoke Explosion! Art Baaaah!

Thrusday is as yet unplanned. Gotta leave some room for spontanaiety in there somewhere.

Friday: Informal gathering of loved ones for affordable snacks and beverage.

Saturday: St. Pat's festival in 5 points, maybe.

Of course this is all amenable to what Bobi wants to do. There are a lot of eating experiences thrown in there too, as anyone who knows me knows I love to eat!

On the menu is Beezers (ha!), Cracker Barrel (so the boy can try some Grits!), The Original Pancake House, Tama Hibachi, The Tea Pot. Also home-cooked foodstuffs prepared by me.

There could even be cookies.


kimberlina said...

cookies! COOKIESCOOKIESCOOKIES! you have a super fun week planned! hurray for visiting boys!

saturday - are we talking nc-17? *rowr*

::commence whine:: also, i want to say that i am sick and working. my medicine is making me dizzy and i am whiney and coughing. ::end whine::

Crystal said...

oh, is that sunday? good thing you said that, cause i would have showed up at her house saturday.

you guys are going to have the bestest time EVER!! and I can't wait to meet bobi! should i bring hubby?

Crystal said...

hmmm..karoake.....i just might have to crash

kimberlina said...

hello my dearie,
sorry to be gone! i'm away from home with the boy - his family is sick and i'm here to take care of him (though he's taking better care of me with my flu). i'll be back soon, i hope! also, i hope you're planning on taking a shite-load of pictures with b.o.b.i. i love vicarious happy living. :D

Sleep Goblin said...

I told DS about you going to 5 points, because I've eaten at that famous little sandwich place (surely you know the one). He says St. Pattys there is really cool during the day.. a little out of hand as night comes.

I miss Spring Break!

Spinning Girl said...

Your "no PG-13 activities planned for this day" made me spew coffeee on my keyboard.

Wow, I didn't know he was staying all week!

This is such fun.

BOBI has never seen the ocean?