Monday, March 27, 2006

Dull, mindnumbing, pleasant.

This weekend I had one major project. Beading my Batman cuff bracelets. I got one done, it took ALL WEEKEND. I had never done hand-beading before, and it turned out GREAT. I am so proud of it for my first project! Oh, would you like to see a picture? I'd love to show you one, but alas, no camera.

It was sort of a zen exercise. Sitting in front of Season 2 of Angel (thanks, Crystal!) and the repetitive action of sewing tiny little beads. It was dull, which is exactly what I wanted. I've been in such a wierd place since Brian left. I'm very lonely, I'm very sad, and the technical term for my current financial situation (despite my new job) is "in deep shit". So it was good to sit there for hours on end, doing something small, and detailed. Today I 'go back to work', and what I do is incredibly easy. I call people. But the way I feel now...I don't even want to do that. *sigh* At least my plane ticket for the end of april is confirmed now (Thanks, love!) and I'll be seeing my manz again very soon.

Sunday afternoon was my little bright spot in the weekend. I went to brunch at the Whig with Skylar and some friends. I had somewhere around 8 mimosas, and was close to being trashed at 1:00 on sunday afternoon. It was just so nice to be around a group of people, laughing my head off, being silly over a bowl of smoked-gouda cheese grits and a $1 mimosa. And? the upshot is I went ahead and had my hangover at about 5pm yesterday so I could get up bright & early today.

I hate bright & early. Stupid premature hangover!!!

[EDIT]Sally Makes a Good Point. Warning: May not be suitable for work/school/public viewing. No pictures, thank god.


Ms. Adventures said...

Awww! Wish we could see the result of your relaxation.

I should have called you, we could have hung out together being all miserable! Don't they say misery loves company?

Crystal said...

My Mom and my Grandma loved my Elvis pillow. My Mom requested a red & chocolate one with Anthony Keidas.

I'm glad you enjoyed watching season 2! I still love:

"Oh, I'm sorry. I nodded off. Did you get to the part where you're evil yet?"

"He's MY lead! He's MY lead!"

"I think we're winning!" *next shot: all tied up*

kimberlina said...

whaaa! $1 mimosas?! where were you? can i go next? i am jealous of you being trashed, and i, too, hate when my financial situation is "in deep shit." i was there with my ex; oh, what, we're a year behind on our quarterly dues for our townhome? what? hahahahaha! yea, and then his car was totally repo'd. what a loser.

and where's your camera? didn't you have one? i'm confused and angry at the prospect of not seeing your batman cuffs! argh! double-argh!

Bee said...

I promise to get pictures of Batman jewlery up ASAP. The camera is my Dad's and he's kinda posessive of it.

And I just looked at my reciept, Kimby. It turns out the First mimosa was $1, and the other 7 were $3.50 each. EEK!

B.O.B.I. said...

Awww, poor Bethie! You got hosed on Mimosas and then you got hosed... on... mimosas?

I can't wait for you to use that plane ticket! I miss you!

Oh yeah, back to burning Angel like a madman. I'm on FIYAH!

kimberlina said...

i'm trying to hold out on buying angel until they have all the seasons in one big lump package. like w/ the buffy dvds. argh!

wish i had a mimosa right about now. that'd make my day at work +40 times better.

B.O.B.I. said...

Plus forty times better?


Sleep Goblin said...

You can multiply a positive number!! At least it wasn't -40 times better.. as in NOT!

Bee said...

Wow. There is a math debate on my blog.

This is like a nightmare or something. I didn't study!