Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Men! With their...SALES!

So I've learned a few things about being in sales, at least in the industry I'm training in.

Specifically I've learned that it's elitest, sexist, and at times downright racist. I make a total of 6 women on the sales team. Out of 60 reps. Makes me want to kick them in the balls, just a little bit.

Training has been taking up most of my week, tommorow I get to do the fun stuff, like Direct Deposit and I-9 forms. Also, my cards are ready! Bethies, Account Manager! Sounds so posh! I'm sure all my friends will love it!

Want to see the most wonderful thing ever?!?

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I could do this every day for the rest of my life!


kimberlina said...

doing that every day is truly the best. it makes going to work that much better, because you know that they'll be there when you get home. *le sigh*

super congrats on your new jobbie-job! even though it does seem male-oriented. some ball-kicking may definitely be in order. some boys have the hugest egos. and they often need to be squashed. speedily & with much vigor.


Ms. Adventures said...

You can take um' Beth! I know you can.

Yea, bust um up, like Kimberlina says!

Eh, the picture is ok, but that's just me ;)