Friday, March 31, 2006

Thankfully, Big Hair is not required.

My friends enjoy themed nights out, or at least nights with catchy titles. Although Dominos Death Match was mine and no one can take it from me!

Tonight is Lounge Night. The theme is Loveboat-esque lounging. We plan to dress in style (mens must be suited in a leisure fashion, womens must have sequins!) and hit every hotel lounge in the 'old' part of town. I can't surmise the point of all this except it's an excellent photo op. I'm going, if for no other reason than to follow Sleepy's advice and get out of the damned house!

Some of these lounges are Karaoke bars. If your're curious, I plan to sing 'Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth' by Meatloaf.

Aaah. Meatloaf.

ALSO...Not sure how long this link is good for, but here is an article from MTVU featuring my baby brother (Jay Lewis - WUTK, Knoxville, TN). I'se so proud! ::beams::


Ms. Adventures said...

Good for you getting out!

Hey, tag you're it. I know you hate these things but do it anyway! Check out my blog.

kimberlina said...

holy crap! that sounds like soso much fun - i do hope you took pictures? will they be posted?!