Thursday, March 02, 2006

Welcome to Cici's!!! May I have your Stomach Contents?!?

I have offically had tomato sauce on every freaking meal this week. I can honestly say I don't want to see another slice of pizza for a long. long. loooooooong time.

Also. As if I haven't had enough problems lately. I got a nosebleed today. My first one since...oh, 9th Grade? If I had a camera I would have had someone take a picture of me with wads of bloody tissue stuffed up my nose. Just to prove that it happened. And to gross people out. Grossing people out for the win!!!!


Sorry, I fainted. Could you please pass me those iron supplements? Thanks!

Oh! And one interesting little thing happened today. When I walking back from the break room 2 inspectors for OSHA came in for a surprise inspection, stating there had been a complaint. The office here is pretty clean and quite safe, with exception of one place. You know what I'm talking about.

I hope it's the attic.

Four days left and it's Bye-bye Landfill!!!


Just an old hobo said...

Maybe that was tomato sauce coming out of your nose!

Crystal said...

osha inspected them but not dec?! Hmph!!

Bee said...

For a place filled with CRAP they are awfully worried about people falling in it.


kimberlina said...

hahaha! tomato sauce out the nose! hahaha!

also, ew & ouch.

seriously, though, iron is your friend! red meat! red meaaatttt!

Bee said...

I'll do you one better than that.

I'm gonna eat some Livah.

With Hawt Sauce.


kimberlina said...

seriously, garlic tabasco is my new crack.

it is good on tacos, eggs, pizza, huevos (hehe, HUE'vos), chicken ovum, and falafel.

Bee said...

Garlic Tobasco? I've had the Chipotle but not the Garlic. That sounds Sooooo good.

You gotta spice up the huevos!

How is it in soup?