Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We just got back from a 4-day mini Vacay in Wisconsin, it was the Best! I got a sunburn, and went swimming in an awesomely clean lake, got to spend lotsa time with my Manz and his fam (including the Famous Uncle Tom), and last but not least, ate ate ate. They looooooove Bratwurst up here. I don't get it either. We took a TON of pictures and Bobi has some hilarious Vid to share soon enough.

And the good keeps coming! Today at work I was informed that I would be getting a raise effective monday! It's pretty much an ego boost considering I've been there for only 30 days. Woo-whoo!

On the downside, It's finally time to have something done about this tooth. Bad Tooth!


Ms. Adventures said...

That sounds great! Can't wait to see the pics and video! Congrats on the raise!
Good luck with the tooth! Dental work sucks!:(

kimberlina said...

i have a very effective method for tooth removal. it involves string, a couple of knots and a doorknob.

i'm game if you are! :)