Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Light Urple

Just a few things to say before I have to get ready for work...

I really, really, really like my new job. Everyone there is super nice, and the benefits are amazing. My boss thinks I'm "outstanding", which is a feeling I haven't had for a while.

Brian took me to JoAnn fabrics up here, Oh GOD! It's HUGE! I could have wandered around for hours and hours....Brian could not have. I made a new cover for my futon and am now working on some drapes. I figured if I'm going to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent for hours, I might as well sew.

We're talking about getting me a car sometime really soon....I hope so, our car schedule is hairy at best, between both of our jobs and now his summer class. And speaking of cars....I had no idea that Minnesota required a lisence tag on the front AND back of the car....and that they came in the mail together...I thought it was just one tag, so I screwed them both on to the back....much to Brian's amusement.

Also...never assume your highlights have grown out. They may not have! I wanted to try a darker blonde color....and my highlights turned this really bizarre purple (Light Urple?) gray shade. Adam took one look and said "You look...so....OLD".

And then I killed him.


Crystal said...

you haven't been online in forever. how are you?

you TOTALLY fooled me with your voice message. until you said it was beth, i didn't know who the hell was calling me!

Sleep Goblin said...

HA! Kill the beast!


Anyway, 4 more days!! Woo-hoo!!!

Harry Yak said...

more blogging would be good....i never see the big o and now neither of you blog. you don't live with adam and dane....how the hell am i supposed to know what is going on with you two. if only you lived closer!

yak out.

Ms. Adventures said...

No kidding! I concur with the angry mob of commentors! MORE POSTING! MORE POSTING!

YAY! For the new job, compensation AND appreciation! WOO!

Anonymous said...

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