Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why I Love BOBI

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Because you can't help but love a man in a hat.

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Lovely St. Paul, where we went for the Taste of Minnesota festival. Minnesota tastes like Gyros, Cookies, Lemonade, Shrimp and Footlongs.

The Happiest Place on Earth! This photo has been resized to protect my bosoms.

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Also, He's adorable. And so am I.

Happy Fourth of July! I eagarly await the genuine freaking-out my cats always have caused by the sound of fireworks!


Spinning Girl said...

Sweetest. pics. ever.

Michaela said...


kimberlina said...

holy shizzle, you two are so adorable! b.o.b.i. doesn't look so happy though, in that hat. *laugh* totally fucking awesome.

and yes, boys who wear glasses?

totally fucking adorable.

Ms. Adventures said...

very cute... very very cute. But sad :( to see you somewhere but here :(

Crystal said...

I love seeing pictures of you guys. It reminds me that I'm not the whitest person on the planet. :*

That city doesn't look real. It looks like a plastic kiddie toy city or something.