Monday, July 31, 2006

Comic Life is my new toy....

Crystal, you can't do this on an Acer!


Crystal said...

LOL!!! You're freakin hysterical!!

But sure, I could do that in photoshop on any pc that would run it. I'll look into your recommendation. Perhaps if it falls into my budget ($750)...

DUDE!!! We MUST go to the Booster Bash 2 in Kentucky next summer! Alexis Denisof is the first announced guest. We have 1 year to plan!!

kimberlina said...


dude, that's fucking hilarious.

also, i love that crystal also says dude. i have not yet outgrown my high school phrases. i love them.

Crystal said...

That's a Bethie-affect Kimberlina. I didn't say it before I met her! :)

Beth, I'm digging the new template. The colors are soothing and the picture is hot.

check out #5 on this page. I laughed HYSTERICALLY!!

kimberlina said...

whoa, cool color! me likey!

btw, i had a dream that i met you and bobi. you were at a pool. or something. there was a railing. and it was sunny and beautiful.

that's all i remember, though. but just that it was a fun time.

oh yea, and you were all naked and except for fig leaves.

Bee said...


Fig Leaves!!!