Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Send Ash your love...and also Jewlery, Fruit Baskets, Cash, etc.


Remember that time the old man came into my office and felt me up? Who was the first person I called? Remember when Chris fired me? Who was the first one I told? For some reason, I've always gone straight to you with all that stuff. Now my working conditions are better, but I forget that you guys are still in the no-labor-laws trenches. Let me just say that you are better than that dank, evil little gossip mill. And look at the benefits...

- No more Apple-Queen Bathroom Scenarios
- No more Whitney Houston
- No more Lady wearing a paper clip in her hair
- No more stinky, wierd and downright creepy Old Men.
- No more Ice Queen Office managers
- No more Bad Mascara Ladies! (wish I could say the same)
- No more Maternity Wear Tragedies!
- No more moldy paneling
- No more parking lot full of nails and broken glass

I hope that helps. I am just so mad I could spit! However, my cat is trying to eat a spider so that one may have to wait.

1 comment:

Ms. Adventures said...

Thanks Bee, very true indeed. And the sending love, fruit baskets, etc not bad either!!