Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Throwing Stuff

You will notice that I have removed the aforementioned love of my life from my blog links, as Tolbs said...I threw him into the woodchipper. Of EDUCATION!

Anyway, he's been "replaced" by M. Giant's Velcrometer. I got hooked on this Blog when I lived in SC. He's smart, hilarious, eloquent (mostly) and a lover of cats, what's not to love? AND he writes Recaps for Television Without Pity!?! AND lives in the Twin Cities as I now do?!? He's great, go read.

And when you're done with that, I sugguest FourFour. Who knew entertainment could be so...entertaining?

I deeply regret that I watched part of ABC's Miniseries '911'. All that spin is making me dizzy.


tolbs said...

The jokes on you! Little do you know that brian has a cognitive threshold! Enjoy your new japanese speaking shoe-horn!


Michaela said...

like the new back ground!

Crystal said...

Have you seen the new show "Justice" - LAY OFF THE SHAKY CAM PEOPLE!! (comes on right after david's show that's the only reason i know)