Wednesday, May 31, 2006

At Long Long Last

We start moving in to our new apartment tommorow! I can't express the relief I will feel at having my own stuff, and kitties, nearby. It's been okay here, there haven't been any roommate snafus, and we seem to have a bathroom schedule down pretty well. It's just cramped, and there is an incredibly adorable, incredibly sweet girl who is thinking about renting out B.'s room, so I don't worry so much about leaving the boys in the dust. They'll be juuuuuuuust fine.

Yesterday I had an appointment with one of the nicer (and busier - holy cow) temp agencies up here. I've been temping for quite a few years now, so it was interesting to see that the interview process was much much more rigorous, much more selective, and the testing was a bit more advanced. I still did awesome on my tests, but I actaully had to sit there and think (can you imagine?) about what I was doing, as oppossed to the tests they give in SC, that I can breeze through with my eyes closed and have a perfect score (I'm talking to you, Addeco). Also the insurance benefits available to Temps in SC are, let's face it, nonexistant. When I temped through Snelling, you had to have so many thousands of work hours accumulated before you even qualified for insurance, how awful is that? At one point I despaired over the hole I was in, making too much money for Medicaid (a whopping 8 bucks an hour) and not enough to afford the high premiums the agency's carrier charged. Here it is TOTALLY different, I can enroll now and recieve my benfits in 60 days, and the premiums for health, dental, and short-term disability are super affordable.

This past weekend Tolbs came up to visit B. and see his new car. (B. just got a new car 2 weeks ago, I'm now driving the Purple Minivan, aka the Purple Blur, aka The Peeb. I Love It.) I had heard that Tolbs, who must be something like 6'3" and 160 lbs (he's a lanky guy) was one of the fastest eaters ever. BAL-ONEY, I said. I have always been the fastest eater I know, which I know is not something most folks would necessarily Brag about, but there you go. We went to the Twin Cities Grill where I had the brilliant Idea to challenge Tolbs to a Steak-Off. He got the Porterhouse, i got the Prime Rib, both 20 ounce steaks. I was starving so I figured I would wolf it down in no time. He was done with his when I was just over half finished. So yes, DO own me at steak eating. But just wait until I make Kebobs! I will surely even the score!

In any case, I almost made myself sick and vowed that the next time I eat a $25 steak, I'm going to enjoy it, dammit.

Here are some pics I've taken recently...

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My B. Playing World of Warcraft with no shirt on. RAWOR.

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Sea Glass that myself, B. and his sisters helped me find on the North Shore. It is sooooo beautiful there, next time we're up I'm going to remember the camera, dammit!

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I have once again succumbed to The Sims. *twitch*


Michaela said...

I'm glad to see you're adjusting well! And yes, I'm jealous that you will get to drive a purple people eater van!

Way to go on the health benefits!

kimberlina said...

LOLOL - the sims?! i can't get into that game. i can't shower AND clean AND call friends AND work. it just doesn't equal up.

that's why i shower once a week in real life.

i am soso glad to see a post! if you can believe it, i was about to leave a rant about how you need to come back and you'd better talk about all the NC-17 time you'd been putting in!

but the pictures are lovely and it sounds like you're settling in, which is such a fucking awesome feeling.

Crystal said...

great post. Your steak story made me giggle thinking about a Scrubs episode, "Turk makes everything a competition" Turk:"Let's play Steak. Last one to finish loses." LOL

Those temp agencies sound great. You make the winter have a minimum of 55ยบ and I'll move up there too! :)

Crystal said...
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Sleep Goblin said...

Haha, I love how you twitch after mentioned the sims. I go through phases of being addicted to that game too. But I've graduated to Sims 2, which is just mind blowing. Currently though, I'm addicted to Oblivion. And I don't cheat the way BOBI does.

Bee said...

Oh I'm taking a Sim Break at the moment, and I love the original because of the cheats. I mean...who wants to work? I'm currently obsessed with beating Buffy: Chaos Bleeds for X-box. Damn it, Spike!!!