Monday, June 26, 2006

As it happens

It turns out that over the past few years, perhaps, I've developed an intolerance to carrots. I really am not all that surprised, considering my grandmother has the exact same problem.
I am feeling much better, though still not 100 percent. Bobi was very sweet and very helpful to me while not feeling well. And today I somehow got an embroidery needle stuck half an inch inside my big toe (buried in the carpet, I must get a pincushion) he yanked it out for me, and then held a papertowel on it until it stopped bleeding. Maybe I'm not having the best week, but at least I have the best boyfriend!

Also, he downloaded Season 1 of Rome for me so I could once again Revel in the raw masculine prowess that is Titus Pullo. And so I could see James Purefoy's Wang. (Sleep Goblin, look for your copy to arrive shortly)

Hey guess what?!? We found the camera dock! So here are some pics I took earlier this month when we were getting settled (it looks much better now).

Ah yes, the monster monitor. It is good for watching TV on. Especially TV involving Purefoy's Wang.

The bedroom wall. Really, everything being all stark white looks quite pretty. When the sun is shining.

My first Minnesota garage sale find! Isn't is the cutest? I paid $.50 for it, and it really brings out the orange in the bedspread.

The futon cover and pillows I made...and the cat that gets them all Hairy.


B.O.B.I. said...

She wasn't fooling, that thing was fifty cents. Personally, I love it 'cuz it's orange. I also love finally using the Gargantua Monitor for TV. 'Tis teh sex. And teh awesome. And teh... good.

As for James Purefoy's wang, I don't care anywhere near as much as some people, but Rome is cool. Lotsa violence, lotsa sex (although most of the sex is kinda wierd). Still a great show.

Crystal said...

I've got to get a monitor like that and watch Young Adam! heh heh heh

I'm glad you're feeling better. And damn glad he's taking care of you. I'd hate to have to come up there and kick his ass.

Sleep Goblin said...

Hooray!! James Purefoy's wang!!!

*runs off in pure joy*

kimberlina said...

dude, that picture is totally awesome. your place is so cute!!

love love love the photos. post more, sweet bethie!

and please, no more mention of needles in toes!! ::shudder:: my toe cringes in sympathy pain!!