Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My friend Kate just came to visit this past weekend for her birthday. We had three days of shopping, eating, occasionally drinking and then shopping some more. Here are some photos, along with some old ones that have been on the camera for a while.

Kate and I doing our Best Patti Hearst's at GameWorks.

Brian kills Zombies Dead. er.

I was the only one who wanted this Map Picture

Nicole Ritchie! Come back!

Sucking down The Perfect Margarita in my new shirt from Delia*s

She does look a little bit like a cartoon!

Brain Freeze!

When in, Wisconsin...

I have no idea why I look so confused.

The Target Ninja will kick your ass!


Anonymous said...

hooray! piccies!

please tell me that target ninja is not wearing underwear on his head. please? please please please? unless they're clean... i guess that'd be ok.

you look like you had soso much fun! did you go to an actual delia*s store? i am jealous. heartily jealous.

btw - come to chicago! it'll be fuuun. i'll buy you a hot chocolate! doesn't that sound like a plan?


Crystal said...

So glad to see you're having a good time!! I miss you so much. Hopefully next summer, I'll be there to visit!

The Target Ninja has me shaking in my boots!

B.O.B.I. said...

I love HOT Dead: 3, except for the fact that the shotguns are too hard to cock one-handed; I love dual-wielding shooting games. Simply stuponfucious fun.

tolbs said...

chasing down nicole ritchie is the easiest thing to do. After about a block she burns all the calories in her body (15) and turns to dust.

Crystal said...

LOL @ tolbs!!