Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Vacation's All I Ever Wanted.....

Here are a few pictacles from our vacation. They're mostly just lovingly shot photos of BOBI, he'll have a damned portfolio soon. Any here to see em all. I'm off to work!!!

What? I like toast.

I'm looking for ships!

Someone was tired of having is picture taken.


This is what happens to Lakes when Mayhem balls explode in them.


Lake in the Early Morning

A way over-exposed picture of Molly.

Brian's Mom and the Famous Uncle Tom. And his Famous Sunglasses.

Sara post-Mayhem. Recognize the neclace? It's my green 'floater' necklace I made!

BOBI in mid-laugh at one of Uncle Tom's letters. Has there ever been a better picture, ever?


Spinning Girl said...

These are all such great pictures!

kimberlina said...

holy fuck, you two are so fucking cute, it's making me sick to my stomach. SICK I SAY!

where the hell is my vacation? i want to be cute like this!! damnit, you're making me jealous, stop right now i say, stop right now!

well, ok, actually, don't stop. it's good sickening. like... hm. being in a huge gelato shop in italy. or... umm... winning the lotto?

and while you're keep on keeping on at being cute and adorable together, wanna write my paper for me? it's due tomorrow.

pleeeeeeeease? ^_^

Ms. Adventures said...

okay! MY GOD can you update or what!!? I mean a girl can't get a call to save her life, you move to East Egypt USA and you can't even update the blog?? What the hell are we supposed to do around here dammit! ;) ...........miss you btw.

Crystal said...

What great pictures! Molly is so pretty. Bobi's okay I guess.


I wish I could meet Uncle Tom.