Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last Night Pics

So I am now able to get out of bed without sneezing all over myself, which means it's time for a job! My days of leisurely playing The Sims is OVAH. Wish me luck, I need the money. My vet bill (just the check-up & shots, not including boarding) is so high I don't know when I'll be able to get my kitties out of hock.

Any old who, Kate sent me some photos of our last night out...hope ya'll enjoy.

From L to R, Tony, Kate, Marc, Tara, Me.

I look so transcendental.

Me and my friend Marc, who says "WHAAW!" Mike Ness-Style.


Ms. Adventures said...

cute, very cute.

Crystal said...

great photos! sucks we didn't have a camera the night we went out! :(

tolbs said...

Just thought i'd respond to your earlier AIM message:

I own you at steak consumption!

Andy 1
Beth 0

Bee said...

I'm the SCAT-MAAAN!(Bweee bop bop boddop bope!)
Bop bop boddop bope!
Bweee bop bop boddop bope!
I'm the SCAT-MAAAN!(Bop bop boddop bope!)
Skibidibidibidibi boddop bope!
Skibidibidibidibi boddop bope!