Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yeeeah, sorry...

Looks like one of B.'s bad habits (not posting often enough) is already rubbing off on me. The past week has gone by in a whirl. I celebrated my arrival in The land of 10K lakes by promptly getting a cold. Which I still have. So If I have not called you, I'm very very sorry. It's not that I'm not thinking about you, because I AM. I've just been sick, and I'll have to get a new cell provider, Alltell gets zero reception up here.

But I love you all and miss you all and will talk to you very soon!

Lots to tell. Well, Some to tell. Okay...mere scraps to tell. Stay tuned.



kimberlina said...

for real, my nizzle! where's the bee? we are forlorn. forsaken.

lots of herbal tea is your friend when you are sick. and naps. i love me some naps.

Crystal said...

mere scraps? damn.

Ms. Adventures said...

Man! I was beginning to wonder! Like damn what'd I do!?

First cooking- then cleaning- now this!? Where has Beth gone, give her back!!