Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Almost Done!

I am I've had enough cardboard, newspapers, brooms and trashbags to last me through the rest of the year.

When you move, you re-discover things you had lost or forgotten...and here is one I just HAVE to share with you...

What you are seeing, other than my adorable feet, is a gourmet raspberry-creme filled chocolate.
Shaped like a shrimp.
These were my valentines day candy last year. I knew one day I would tell the world about chocolate shrimp!!!

I took great pride in throwing away this Sheryl Crow CD. WHO the hell was dumb enough to give that to me anyway?!?

My last night in Columbia may turn into an event. A laser-tag/go-cart event. Frankie's Fun Park deserves its own farewell too, I think!


B.O.B.I. said...

I remember that shrimp! That was hilarious! Was it still in your 'fridge?

(Your feet are totally cute, by the way)

As for the Sheryl Crow CD... THE CROW FLIES NO LONGER!!!

Are you excited for the new Lost? I know I am. You got me into it so bad! It's all your fault! I love you! I adore you! I worship you! Kisses!

Bee said...

I Love you too! And at least now you know what NEVER to get me for Christmas/Valentine's/Birthday/Anniversary, so GO YOU!

kimberlina said...

well, fine then, jerk!

throw away the cd i so lovingly gave you!

Ms. Adventures said...

You rebel you!